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Saturday infos

England League One
Bristol – Bury  1 @1.70
Bury in horrible form 10 lost games in a row, atmosfhere is terrible… away from home 5 lost games in a row conciding 14 goals in 5 goals which is a lot. Also Kay(df 20/0), Maher(df 15/0) and Mellis(mf 17/1) are suspended, Barnett(df 8/1), Walker(mf 7/0), Ismail(mf 16/3), Bryan(df 6/0), Cameroon(df 3/0) and Miller(att) are all injured.


Croatia 1 HNL
Istra – Osijek

Istra big problems in defence, both central defenders Zizic(df 16/0) and Mitrevski(df 13/0) are injured, from earlier out are Misic(df 3/0) and Hadzic(df 5/0), also Collins(mf 11/0) miss due to injury.
Osijek with two suspensions Boban(mf 17/2) and Vojnovic(mf 15/3) but good news Knezevic is back after missing last game.
France Ligue 1
Bastia – Metz
Bastia without Squillac(df 10/0) and Cahuzac(mf 15/0) two key players, also Bifouma(att 12/2) is out. Metz once again missing Jouffre(mf 8/2), Lejeune(mf 7/0), Falette(mf 14/2), Udol(df) and Erdinc(att 12/6 top scorer)

Lille – Montpellier
Montpellier on this trip going without couple of very important players, Hilton(df 14/0), Roussillon(df 15/0), Sessegnon(mf 7/0), van den Borre(df 10/0), Ninga(att 9/5) and Joudren(first gk 10/0)

Toulouse – Lorient
Toulouse without Diop(df 12/1), Jullien(df 14/2), Moubandje(df 15/0) and Yago(df 14/0), four very good defenders missing, Trejo(mf 10/1) and Doumbia(mf) also out with injuries.

Slovenia 1 SNL
Rudar – Koper
Koper with many many absences, Jefthon(df 2/0), Gregov(df 10/0), Muslimovic(att 14/2), Pucko(att 20/3 susp), Datkovic(df 16/2 susp), Posavac(mf 4/0), Dedic(mf 6/0), Park(att 6/0), Jurina(mf 6/0), Ibricic(mf 14/4), Tshibamba(att 1/0) are all out.
Rudar also miss couple of players, Babic(mf 18/0) is suspended, Jahic(df 7/0), Dodlek(mf 8/0) and Crncic(mf 2/0) are out

Domzale – Maribor
Domzale got two suspensions in last round Horvat(mf 16/3) and Sirok(df 15/1). Mandjang(mf 1/0), Volaric(mf 11/0), Brachi(df 6/0), Morel(mf 8/2) and Juninho(mf 7/3) are all injured but most of them are out from earlier.
Holland Eredivisie
NEC – Ado Den Haag , nec -0,25 @1.85
ADO with both central defenders suspended, Beugelsdijk(df 15/3) and Meisner(df 14/0), very important missings. Havenaar(att 15/3) get injury in last game, Jansen(mf 11/1), Meijers(df 7/0) and Malone(df) are injured from earlier. Atmosfhere in team is bad, also coach is in heavy problems probably will hae just 14 15 players available…


Spain Primera
Real Madrid – Deportivo La Coruna
Real Madrid’s coach Zidane is giving rest to Benzema(att 11/4), Ronaldo(att 11/10) and Modric(mf 8/1), also Bale(att 11/5) is injured.

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Ukraine Premier

Volyn – Vorskla dnb1 @2.1 bet365
stake 3/10

Vorskla in troubles with the absences, more than half of the team is missing. Sklyar(mf 11/0), Tursuov(mf 12/3), Kobakhidze(mf 17/1), Tachuk(mf 11/0), Zagurulko(att 12/0), Golodyuk(mf 7/0), Kolomoets(att 13/7) and Pylyavsky(df 6/0) are all injured, Dytyatev(df 16/1), Bartulovic(mf 16/0) ad Siminin(df 12/0) are suspended so totally missing here 11 players for this trip! And added to that Khylobyas(att 14/4) si questionable but most probably he will have to play even not fit because of many absneces…

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Friday infos

Holland Eerste
Jong Ajax – Jong PSV

big derby game here.
Jong Ajax without couple of very important guys, Ghazi(att 4/4), Cassierra(att 5/5), Nouri(mf 13/6) and van den Beek(mf 10/4) who played last couple of games for Jong team are not in Senior team and its big blow for the team, also de Ligt(df 12/1), Cerny(mf 14/8), Dekker(mf 10/3), Albas(gk 6/0) are missing!
On other side Jong PSV will miss some guys, but good news is that de Wijs and Rigo are back in squad, and that Jorrit Hendrix very quality player from A team will play for Jong team!


France Ligue 2
Niort – Le Havre
Niort with soem injuries but nothing important, Dabbase(att 13/1), Rocheteau(att 4/2), Bouardja(att 3/0) and Brison(df 7/0) all injured from earlier.
Le Havre is missing two key strikers, Gimbert(att 16/4) and Duhamel(att 17/7 top scorer) both out, Mendy(df 16/2) injured!

Nimes – Brest
Nimes with four fresh absences and that is problem now, Gallon(first gk 13/0) is out, Angoula(df 16/0) got suspension and Briancon(df 16/2) and Ripart(att 17/3) get injuries too, good news is that Azouni and 2nd keeper Marillat are back in roster. No absences on the other side

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Vardar – Sileks under 3 @1.85 sbo
stake 4/10

I expect bad game here. Vardar with imperative to win but what about Sileks? Sileks is coming once again to waste time, to play on a knife and take point if its possible.

Vardar in last few games is playing attacking but really without idea, I liked them vs Renova but thats the only good game they played.. after that vs Pelister again shitty gameplay but won 0-1 thanks to Pelister’s mistake there.

Sileks will prefer slow football here. No some serious absences in both teams but here line for sure should be 2,5 or 2,75 this is big value. gl

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Balkan info

Vojvodina – Napredak
Vojvodina with couple of missings on this game, Knezevic and burekovic are injured, Micic, Gavric and Vuksanovic are also not in roster. Big problem as Maksimovic, Puskaric and Malbasic are all suspended

Radnik Surdulica – Rad
Rad without five injured players, Dejanovic(gk 9/0), Petrovic, Obradovic(df 17/0), batec(df 14/0) and Djenic(mf 9/1) are all inj

Spartak Subtoica – Novi Pazar
Novi pazar many absences but most of them bench players, Vasilic(df 13/0), Bruncevic(df 4/0), Svojic(mf 6/0), Pantelic(mf 5/0) and Busljanin(mf 6/0) are all on inj trethman. Micevski(mf 17/0) is suspended

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Esbjerg – Brondby , brondby -0,75 @1.76 sbo
stake 2/10

2nd from bottom vs 2nd from the top meeting.

Heavy problems for Esbjerg. Esbjerg with eight injured players, real injury crisis hit the club. Andersen(mf 7/2), Hagelskjaer(df 10/0), Laursen(df 12/0), Mensah(att 13/1), Jessen(df 14/0), Stendrup(df 8/0), Nielsen(mf 16/0) and first keeper Hojbjerg(13/0) are all out because of injury. This odd are too low for me so thats why i go with low stakes, but i am sure that tomorrow this will be big public bet and odd will drop even more.

Brondby with full squad available, big attacking potential, i expect them scoring here. Quality on their side. gl

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Sporting – Vitoria Setubal , sporting -1,75 @1.78 pinnacle
stake 3/10

Vitoria is average away team who is always hunting a point, here i expect ultra defensive tactic wasting time etc. They came on this trip without three important players, right back Geraldes(df 11/0) and Gauld(mf 2/0) cant play cuz they are on loan from Sporting. starting lb Pinto(df 10/0) is suspended same as key midifler Pacheco(mf 11/1)

Sporting is fighting for title this season and having really strong roster, last game we bet on them vs Boavista when Boavista missed many important players and they won but just 0-1 and pick void, now we go on them agian, at home they are very strong. No important absences, wide squad. Most important, Benfica yesterday lost so this is ideal chance for Sporting to get closer with a win here! Gl


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Venlo – Telstar , venlo -1,5 @1.88
stake 3/10

odds taken from pinnacle
VVVenlo very strong, showing their dominance in many of the games and they are deservedly there where they re. At home also very strong, only small problem here Rutten(df 9/1) is missing but he is replaceable. Venlo plays very good football, in last round vs RKC they totally destroyed them with more than 13 shoots for sure and won 4-0… Telstar is weaker than RKC for me and now on this trip Lilipaly(df 13/4) missing, big blow



sSielks – Shkupi1 @1.73 bet365

classic home team vs classic home team, sileks at home always very strong, help from referee, big pressure from stands… they rarelly lose points at home cuz they are welcoming guests players brutally…

shkupi same story, and on away ground they always hunt a point, defending whole the game and waiting for counter and are happy with 0-0 and point. They travel tomorrow on this game and missing 3 players, two of them very good and important.


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France Ligue2

Laval – Lens , lens dnb @1.8
stake 2/10

Laval’s coach decide to not call Louis(att 11/4 top scorer) and Mukiele(df 16/0) for this game, two regular important players. Dembele(mf 11/0) is suspended, Monfray(mf 9/0), COutrier(df 4/0), Kone(att 11/0), Viale(att 2/0) all injured.

Lens anyway having stronger team than Laval. No time to analyse them, I have never watched them but i made some conversation with some ppl who follow this league and they told me bet is ok. I go with lower stakes

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