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Swiss pick

Lausanne – Sion 2 @1.9

I really like Sion’s team and their gameplay, they are still missing Bia(mf 6/2) and long term injured Ndoye(mf) and Mboyo(att). Also Adao(mf 6/0) got suspension last round but they are replaceable players.
Lausane was totally destroyed in last round vs Thun(last placed team), they should be happy that they lost just 1-0 …. defensive pair Monteiro(df 11/0) and Maniere(df 11/0) are still out with suspenson, same as Custodio(mf 11/2).

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sunday info

Young Boys – Grasshoppers
Grasshoppers have lost all games away from home till now 0w-0d-6l, three important players Bamert(df 9/0), Zesinger(df 3/0) and Kallstrom(mf 11/0 best midifler) are all suspended, Munsy(att 10/4 ,2nd scorer) and Sigurjonsson(att 10/5 top scorer) are both very doubtful but most probably will be in roster.


Rapid Wien – Austria Wien
Big Wien derby, Rapid have won last three games in Wienner’s derby and in last 6 derbys they have won 5 of them….but today the job should be harder as they have some serious troubles with absences, central defensive duo Schosswendter(df 11/3) and Dibon(df 9/0) got injuries, in last game Grahovac(mf 11/1) got suspension, Hofmann(mf 2/0) and Schobeserger(mf 4/0) injured. In away team first keeper Almer(9/0) is missing!

Real Madrid – Ath Bilbao

in my Real Madrid out are Casemiro, Modric and Ramos, same starting line up as in last game.
Ath Bilbao with heavy absences, de Marcos(df 7/0), Yeray(df 4/0), Balenziaga(df 7/1 susp), Boveda(df 4/0), Aketxe(mf 0/0) and Aduriz(att 8/5 top scorer) are all out

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1 Hnl & czech

Dinamo – Cibalia , dinamo -2 @1.77 comeon
stake: 5/10

Dinamo finally with no injury worries like before, at the moment just four players missing, Karimi(mf), Leskovic(df) and Goncalo(mf) are long term injuries, Antolic(mf 7/1) got injury in last game and will miss but thats not problem Dinamo have wide roster and all this isnt problem at all.

Cibalia worst team in league definitelly, club is in financial problems, players were without wages for more than 2 months but finally last week they got some money, still atmosfhere is bad… Khatib(mf 1/0), Muzenjak(mf 4/0), Zderic(df 4/0) and best player Vitaic(mf 11/4) are all injured. Key defender Zgrabalic(df 11/0) is also out, huge handicaps for Cibalia’s weak roster. Coach also said its bad for them because Dinamo is hunting Rijeka and Dinamo is very agressive at the moment and they will want to win here with many goals and that can be problem for Cibalia… all in all huge quality difference, must win situation for Dinamo and Cibalia with many imp absences. I see easy home win and one side game, gl


Slavia – Slovacko 1 @1.25

banker game for me

Slovacko made big succes in last round taking a point vs Plzen, Plzen killed them whole game, had more than 65% ball posession, Slovacko was just defending and wasting time and at the end Slovacko happy with 1 point. Now again they will met strong team but this time on away ground and with very different team comapred to that vs Plzen because in game vs Plzen Slovacko got 3 suspensions, three key defenders Rada(df 9/1), Kostu(df 10/1) and Simko(df 8/0) are all suspended! Huge blow. Civic(mf 7/1) and Biolek(mf 3/0) are injured.
Slovacko will prefer defensive tactic here and with this absences in defence i cant see them to get home from this trip with a point(s).

Slavia is in amazing form, 5 wins in a row (also won in city derby vs Sparta!), atmosfhere is very very good. Mood of the players is flying high, they are hungry for more wins and more goals. No important absences, all key players in roster. Quality on home side, i see home win here.

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Backa – Radnik , radnik +0,75 @1.88 sbobet
stake: 3/10

i cant see Backa as such a huge favourite here, team which score small number of goals and wins the game on some crazy ways, true at home they are playing slight better but still Backa is 2nd league material for me. Added to that they miss key midifler Bjelos(mf 10/0) with a suspension, also Cekovic(mf 10/0) is injured, two important absences on this small roster can hurt a lot.

Radnik is poor team too, i dont like them, but for sure they are better team than Backa, maybe they will lose today but even if they lose that wont be with more than 1 goal diff imo so this bet is pretty safe.


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England Premier
West Ham – Sunderland
my favourite team from England will most probably relegate this season, in last couple of seasons somehow we always survived at the end but now we are simply very poor… 8 rounds and still no win, added to this serious problems with absences now Denayer(df 3/0), Kirchoff(mf 4/0), Cattermole(mf 2/0), Januzaj(mf 6/0), Larsson(long term inj), Borini(att 2/0) and Mannone(first gk 2/0).
West Ham is missing Masuaku(df 5/0), Byram(df 5/0), Cresswel(df 1/ suspended) and Carroll(att 1/0 long term injury). Ayew and Arbeloa are doubtful but most probably will play

Germany 2 Bundesliga
Stuttgart – 1860 Munchen

Munchen in bad form 5 games without a win, 1d-4l in last 5 games. For this trip too many absences for Munchen, Liendl(mf 8/4), Busch(df 3/0), Bulow(mf 6/0), Matmour(mf 9/0), Boenisch(Df 0/0), Degenek(df 6/0), Stojkovic(Df 2/0), Sukalo(mf 1/0), Olic(att 7/0) are all unavailable.

Spain Segunda
Elche – Cordoba
Elche have Matilla(mf 9/3) and Correa(Df 10/0) suspsended, Hadzic(att 1/0 new signing), Fraile(att 5/1), Mandi(mf 2/0), Nobeljas(df 9/1) are all injured, same as long term absences Lozano(df) and Freixanet(gk)

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Rkc Waalwijk – Achilles, waalwijk -1 @1.68

Stake 3/10



Waalwijk this season made team who can fight for maybe some promotion place l. With Voskamp upfront I like them really. Today missing first keeper Williams and couple not important players.

On other side poor Achilles who is doing very bad… added to that they have couple absences. Key player Thoone mf 8/0 is injured same as defenders Boelens df 7/0, Gortemaker df 2/0, Raterink df 7/1 and Elders df 2/0 …. Waalwijk shouldnt have problems winning this, gl

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Celta Vigo – Ajax


celta vigo will rest some of their key players tonight. Cabral, Mallo, Bongonda and Aspas will be rested, Diaz and Beaucue are injured



Balestier – Home dnb2 @1.67

Stake 4/10


Balestier plays for nothijg once again, demotivated side without target in this last rounds. In previous round they cut points to Warriors but undeservedly in a game where Warriors were better team.

Balestier with absences problems again, two key foreigners Krstic and Tokic top scorers are injury doubts, key defender Hussein and winger Hassim are suspended, and important midifler Ayob is injured.


Home must win this game fuz they are fighting for the 2nd best Singaporean team’s spot which give them place in AFC.




Betting with brain, not a heart

Macedonia u21 – Scotland u21 , scotland +1,25 @1.76 188bet
stake: 4/10

Best chance for Macedonians to make something with which we will be proud, first time some our selection have such a big opportunity, we win and we are on Euro. I will be on stadium, will give my support for Maceonia to win but imo that wont be easy. Lets be realistic, Macedonia was totally outplayed on last game in Scotland, Scotland killed us totally and deserved at least a draw there but our golden keeper Aleksovski was briliant and we won 0-1..

Scotland now will have even stronger roster becuase some players who didnt play in that game now are coming back in squad. Macedonia with the same team once again, we are supermotivated and i would like to see our team winning this but I am sceptic that we will do it (and if we win wont be more than 1 goal for sure) odds are joke, too low for Macedonia, fair odds here should be 1.90 for home win (and if this game wasnt last round and Macedonia must win situation odd for Macedonia would be 2.20 for sure…) big value, gl

- also whole day raining wont help to anyone here for scoring goals, under may be a good option too. I would call this one – betting with brain not heart.

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Anyang – Daegu , daegu -0,75 @1.88 pinnacle
stake: 4/10

Anyang in terrible form, playing for nothing, no motivation and today without ton of players and many key players on bench!!!
Hoo Kim(att 20/3), Hyun Yoo(df 15/0), Tae Kim(df 15/0), Hoon Choi(mf 23/0), Bin Ahn(mf 28/1) are out, key midiflers Gyoon Kim(mf 34/9 top scorer) and Jung(mf 32/3) are on bench, so three important midiflers not in starting line up, problems… Kim(first gk 20/0) is also resting and staying on bench, Ga(df 20/0) also on bench.

Daegu in great form, hunting direct promotion they must win today and probably they will. Starting with 3 brazilians Santos(32/10), Alex(15/3) and Eder(32/6), they should kill Anyang who is lost in last rounds..

easy away win for Daegu. Gl

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