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Sivasspor – Mersin , sivasspor -1,5 @1.74 sbo
stake: 3/10

two relegated team in 2nd league but with totally other ambitions.

Mersin lost almost all players from last season because they are having big finacnial problems, they finished last placed, lost all last games with big difference, start fixing games etc etc, Yildirim(first gk 26/0), Sadiku(df 29/0), Balci(df 28/1), Afasarli(mf 5/0), Tas(mf 22/1), Sahin(second gk 5/0), Wellinton(att 21/6), Wederson(df 26/4), Tozlu(mf 18/0), Ceylan(mf 27/0), Futacs(att 4/0), Nakoulma(att 27/6), Tita(mf 25/0), Varol(mf 27/2), Pedriel(att 27/5) and Kaloglu(att 17/0) all left club. Only few new signings and they are ultra poor.

In first round at home they lost 1-3 vs Yeni who is just solid team.

Sivass started bad with 4-1 defeat from Boluspor so this is now almost must win for them. They have one of best teams in league and is for me no.1 candidate for promotion. they still have Boye, Erdal, Eser, Simsek, Kocak, Ozturk etc players who have big experience player in Superleague and should dominate this league easily. Plus they even strength their squad with new signings as two very good strikers from this league who last season were bombing Leandrinho(last season 29/17) and Keles(last season 23/10). Experienced midifler Cebe(23/0 from Akhisar) was signed too, very good midifler Avci(mf 28/8 from Balikesirspor) and so on….

huge qualty difference here, i expect easy win for Sivass if they use their chances.

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Shkendija – Pobeda , shkendija -1,25 @1.81 10bet ; 1.7 bet365 ; 1.62 sbo
stake 7/10

Pobeda with this team cant play in 1st league, this is team who have enough quality to fight for promotion in 2nd league (even there they are not sure with this team…). They started season with 3 losses, firstly 0-2 vs Pelister, totally deserved. vs Sileks lost 2-1 but deserved to lose much more and in last round vs Vardar they lost just 0-1 while fair result was 0-3 minimum… now vs Shkendija who for me is best team in league they dont have any chances and this 1.45 is huge huge value on Shkendija at the moment (writting this on 27th august, probably when i will publish will be dropped).
Problems for Pobeda, first keeper Manchevski(2/0) got injury in training before last game and cant play, 2nd keeper Kotevski also injured, on goal will be Taleski. Important defender Dimitroski(df 1/0) is injured too.  Pobeda is very very poor, with players like Geshoski(100kg and 35y old) in attack and with playmakers like Meglenski and Alomerovic(both 35y old) they cant play in 1st league and definitelly cant play vs superstrong Shkendija who will kill them with fast passes…
Shkendija now must focus on league games as they are out from Europe competitions, they lost big 0-4 vs Gent before few days and now coach will be forced to make rotations but they have wide roster, big bench and lot of quality players so whoever plays today they are huge favourites and should win easy with 2-3 goals diff.

i was expecting here -1,75 line which is imo fair, also -2ah would be fair too.. ok now Shkendija some rotations but still they are winning this with 2 goals for sure imo, strong bet


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Pelister – Rabotnicki , pelister +1 @1.76 sbobet
stake: 7/10


why is Rabotnicki such a huge favourite here i cant understand really.
At the moment Shkendija and Vardar are dominating this league and fight for the 3rd place will be between Pelister and Rabotnicki, Pelister just come back from 2nd league but they have new sponsors (fixers but they are still peacefull for now, and afraid of Pelister fans who are crazy and wont let such thing in their club). Pelister brought very good signings and now they are main candidate (for me) for the 3rd place, they have two good brazilians, in midfield some good experienced players, in defence they signed Kovachev who is real boss there, now before few weeks they signed Aleksandar (made comeback after 2 yearS)
At the end Pelister is playing at home and stadium will be full so whenever they play at home vs whoever it is Pelister always go on points, they want win here, draw is not an option!

Rabotnicki like usual, selling their players after Euro competition… this season Rabotnicki is zero compared to last year but still they very easy schedule so they are on the top, now when real games come vs Shkendija,Vardar, Pelister, Sileks they will show real face… no real forward in team and many many youngsters, they have only 4-5 experienced players all other are very unexperienced (but talented) players…

maybe Pelister will lose here but for sure not with more than 1 goal dif. Huge bet for me, gl

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info saturday

this are some interesting infos for weekend, scroll down you have pick for saturday (27/08)

Usa Mls
Columbus Crew – SJ Eartquakes

Earthquakes are very poor away 1w-6d-5l and that first away win they got in their last away game vs Vancouver who is in baaaad form… two important missings today, Alashe(mf 20/2) and Godoy(mf 19/1) are injured, Amarikwa(att 21/3) too, Goodson(df), Sherrod(att) and Pelosi(mf) are long term absences.


Minsk – Naftan
Neman with five absences and all of them pretty important, Sosnovski(df 16/0), Vaskov(mf 15/0) and Anyukevich(df 14/0) are injured, Kurganski(first gk 19/0) and Poznyak(df 19/0) are suspsneded, big problems in defence as first keeper, two starting central defenders and left back are out…

Minsk flying on 5th place but could easily lose it as many teams are having almost same number of points and are very close each other, btw no important missings for them.


Lokeren – Mouscron

Lokeren poor start, after four rounds they have 1w and 3 losses… also they are heavily hit by absences, Bolbat(att 3/1) got suspension in last round, Hupperts(att), Persoons(mf), captain Overmeire(mf 4/0), Ngolok(mf) and defensive duo Carlos(df 1/0) and Maric(df 4/1) are all injured, another central defender Ingason(df 4/0) is doubtful. Coach is very angry cuz he is missing whole defensive line and because he is missing captain Overmeire, huge blows for him.

On other side Mouscron coach have heavy headaches because his best player has been sold.

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Boston United – Kiderminster , kiderminster -0,25  @1.84 sbo
stake; 3/10

Boston is facing serious crisis with absences, coach Greene said on interview that he havent had such a bad situation in his whole career. He is missing eight player from which six would be starters, also he said that he is looking for some players on loan from some bigger clubs (but that would be some youngsters from academies, mostly 18 and 19y old).
Fairhurst(att 4/1) should return in 2 weeks, Brown(df) is slowly recovering but still doubtful and cant play, Chippendale(att 4/0) and Hilliard(mf 4/1) got injuries on training, Pepe Ngoma(df 3/0) and Rollins(df 3/0) could come back but still not sure and worst of all new signing Shane Clarke(mid) will miss nine months.

there was value on dnb2 @1.73 but price dropped a little so i must go with -0,25 handi

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France Cup

Lens – Paris FC , paris +0,75 @1.84 sbobet

Lens seems not interested in this competition, last round we bet on them and won money but now coahc decide to not count on some important starters, for this game 5-6 important starters are not in squad, many youngsters and bench players will get chance.
Cvetinovic(df 2/0), Ba(df 4/0), Fofana(df 2/0), Lala(df 4/0), Scaramozzino(df 3/0), Zoubir(mf 4/0), Bostock(mf 4/1), Fortune(att 4/2) and Bourigeaud(mf 4/1) are all out.

Paris is team from 3rd league but still I think they have some chances vs weakned Lens team today

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Macedonia 2nd league

Teteks – Turnovo x2 @1.72 bet365
stake 5/10

under 2,5 @1.63 good bet too

will be big rain here and i expect low number of goals, only problem could be fixing here, Turnovo’s boss love it, so we will see.

Teteks is in huge financial problems, their bosses after long time decide to leave the club (they went in Pelister) and now all players left club, best players like Petrov, Bujcevski(top scorer), Bozinovski(captain), Tosevski(best defender), Popzlatanov, Benjamin and so on went in Pelister, while others like winger Ivanov, key cd Stojcevski, imp striker Stojanoski went in other 1st league teams…. Teteks was supposed to go in bankrupt but few local small bussinesments decide to give some money and club is still alive, now roster is made by local boys and youngsters + 3-4 experienced players who decide to help till they dont find new club (which can happen in anytime).

on press coach said that for this game they will mostly defend and wait their chances on counter attacks cuz they are not conditionally ready to play vs Turnovo. (its becuase Teteks started their preparations just 1 week before start of league – that was because of all financial problems and bad situation)…
Turnovo is no.1 candidate for comeback in 1st league, last season they relegated trough Relegation Play Off where they were kicked out by Pelister (on dirty way, referees were with Pelister). Turnovo still have good roster they lost couple of players but they are still strong enough to get some of first three places and got promotion. Odds must be reversed here as Teteks cant be favourite with this roster, odds are based on statistics and nothing else.

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Guys i am on beerfest right noe so i cant give infos too often, here is one good pick

Jagiellonia – Lechia dnb2@1.8
Stake 4/10

Jagiellonia started season very strong and it was good surprise but imo they will fall. Jagiellonia now is missing four starters, big problems, two central defenders are missing Runje(df 4/0) and Guti(df 3/0), best player Vassiljev(mf 5/5 top scorer) and striker Pyzdrowski(att 5/1).
I think Lechia will get this one. Wanted to send this in vip section but problems with mail

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Brunei DPMM – Warriors 1 @1.44 bet365

Brunei is now playing on their home field finally after long time, they showed great performance vs Albirex(best team in league) on their real home ground and its their big advantage, now vs Warriors should be another great perofmrance, now big boost is that key midifler Sergio is back in squad.

Huge blow for Warriors, key defender Mohana(df 17/1) and key croatian Rak(mf 17/3) are both unavailable because of suspensions. For me Warriors are definitelly one of weaker teams in league, they are nothing compared to their big history at the moment.

Balestier Khalsa – Albirex Niigata 2 @1.50

Balestier is worst home team in league 1w-3d-4l, they took two wins this season vs Young Lions and some lucky draws that is why they have 14pts… if Young Lions were just a little bit better team this season Balestier would be stucked on the bottom cuz they play really bad this season.. for this game Lotinac(df 12/1), Ayob(mf 16/1) and Noh(att 15/1) are all unavailable, three very important absences.

Albirex on other side must start winning again, atmosfhere is good, all players available… Balestier’s coach said that they will try to play on counter attacks vs Albirex and that is very bad decision cuz Albirex with ball posession and fast passes will kill them.. easy win for best team in league here.

Young Lions – Geylang 2 @1.57 bet365

problems for Young Lions, they play very bad whole season, when national team player Amri come back from injury they started playing good but then he again got injury and Young Lions were again down and very bad, today two key players captain Kasman and vice captain Amri (best striker) are both doubtful. Shannon Stephen is suspended, another important missing.

This is great chance for Geylang to come back on winning ways and get back in the race for 3rd place.