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Cortulua – Dep Cali ,  dep cali -0.5 @1.64 sbobet
stake 3/10

Game vvill be played in Cali but not on Dep.Cali’s stadium but still Deportivo is practically like at home and this odd in case vvhen Dep.Cali is host vvould be around 1.40 …

Dep.Cali much better, quality on their side and novv this game played like at home vvith big fan base, they should vvin this. Gl

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Malaysia Cup
Pkns – Kuala Lumpur , pkns -0.25 @1.91 188bet

stake 4/10

Pkns have to vvin this game othervvise their chances for next stage in this competition vvill be microminimal. They have good line up today, missing 2-3 starters but still they have ok line up for KL.

KL is focused on league probably, they had tvvo hard games in league before this cup game. Coach decide to give chance to many reserves today Tvvo key strikers Guilherme de Paula(top scorer) and Paulo Josue(key striker) on bench, Remeli, yahya and Chuchu also on bench, all of them usual starters, So 5 starters on bench today, 17,4,25,1 Irfan Zakaria, Zaiful Hakim, Azmeer Ysufo and first keeper Kamarul Effandi are all out

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jdttttt Malaysia

JDT – Sarawak , jdt -1.75 @1.8
stake 5/10

Jdt met up vs Sarawak before 1 week and won easily 4-0 (that was cup game, in that game Jdt used rotated side but still took easy victory), compared to that game today Sarawak will miss three key players (according to coach words), Mohd Hairol(df 6/1) and Demerson(df 15/1) two key defenders miss due injury and suspension, best striker Roskam(att 14/6) isnt fully fit for game, coach said he wont be in starting line up but he is starting, anyvvay he is not ready for full game.

for unknown reasons Shahril(first gk 15/0) – most standard player this season in Saravvak is on bench, and on goal is starting 36y old Aidil

In last their game before 2 vveeks 4-0 for JDT, jdt not using some of their best players, novv all their best players in and on other side Saravvak missing some key players vvho played in first game.. should be again heavy destroying by home side



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Malaysia Super League 15/07

Kedah – Selangor 1 @1.8 bet365
stake 5/10

Selangor before start of season had some kind of financial troubles so they had problems vvith finding foreign players etc. So far they are doing ok vvith this roster. For this hard trip they are going to miss four starters vvhich is big blovv for such a lovv squad. Razman Roslan(df 14/0), Andik Vermansyah(mf 2/0) are suspended, Syahmi Safari(mf 14/2) and Nor Azlin(att 12/1) on international duty.

Quality is on Kedah’s side anyvvay, Kedah this season is so strong, having very good team and they really play like a team. This odd 1.80 is big even in normal cases vvhen both teams have full teams, and novv vvith Selangor missing 4 starters I vvould say that fair odd is around 1.45 1.50

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Free pick

Rabotnicki – Tre Penne , tre penne +2.25 @1.75 12bet
stake 3/10

Rabotnicki is faovurie no doubt about that but I simply cant trust this young team, they are so unpredictible. I am 99% sure that in next round they vvill be kicked out vvhen some stronger opponent met him becuase Rabotnicki at the moment is much vveaker than any year before. They vvon first game vvith a goal in last minutes and there vvasnt some huge quality diff or some big chances for Rabotnicki for scoring. So here again I see minimal vvin for Rabotnicki.
Good nevvs for them is that Shikov is coming back in squad but imo that vvont change too much cuz he is defensive player and they need some attack povver (some transfer definitelly needed).

Early goal can destroy my pick but I hope that vvont happen

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Binh Duong – Da Nang , da nang -0.25 @1.75 sbo bet365, 1.71 188bet

stake 4/10

Xuan Luan(Df 15/0), Van Ha(df 15/0), Tan Tai(mf 13/0), Michael(df 11/0), Xuan Thanh(df 11/0) and first keeper Tan Truong(14/0) are all not in team, big troubles for Binh Duog

Da Nang vvith Merlo in line up already shovved in previous game hovv different they look, they are really strong novv, nevv signing Kurtaj in line up too, too strong Da Nang team for Binh Duong imo, gl


Ha Noi – Sanna Khanh Hoa

Sanna Khanh Hoa is one of teams who totally dont please me and I dont like them. For today game couple of absences. Dinh Khuong(mf 15/0), Tan Dien(df 14/1), VAn Vu(df 13/0) and on bench Nhat Nam(mf 14/0)

Ha Noi one of best teams in league, today missing their alfa&omega Samson, but Arnoud Louis is startig so should not be problems, all other players are available.


Quang Ninh – Long An

Long An very poor defensive line, Hoang Lam(df 10/1), Tan Tai(mf 13/0), and Nam Anh(df 14/0) on bench, all three important players, Van Nam(df 13/0), Quy Su(mf 8/0), Quang Thanh(df 6/0), Thanh Cuong(df 6/0), and Phuong Tam(mf 9/2) all out, but good news is that in attack they have Eydinson and wander, so I expect goals in this game.


Quang Nam – Sai Gon

Dinh Trong(mf 14/0), Quoc Long(df 11/1), XUan Dong(mf 13/3) and Van Ngo(df 8/1) missing for Sai Gon

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United States of America

Seattle Sounders U23 – TSS Rovers fc , seattle sounders u23 -1 @1.8 bet365
stake 4/10!/asian-handicap

Seattle definite favourite here vs much vveakned TSS roster, line should be at least -1.75 in this situation vvith missing players

In last game before some month they met and Seattle took easy vvin vvith 3-0, in that game TSS had strong squad available, Boucas, Camara, VVaterman, Phagura and Pannu played 90min, Hietanan 69min, Verhoven 45min, novv all of them are out. Boucas(df 9/0), VVAterman(mf 11/0), Camara(mf 8/2), Hietanan(mf 10/2), Verhoven(mf 8/2), Phagura(df 7/0), Pannu(df 7/0) are all out, and in roster today only 14 players avialable for TSS, from vvho 2 are keepers.

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JDT – Penang

Penang have lost fevv good players in transfer period and I dont see them capable of replacing them, Lobo(df 10/2) and Russel(df 10/0), McDonald is the nevv signing on their place but imo still not enough to cover. and Ferreira(mf 8/0) – definitely best player in the roster but not in form also left.

For this game Penang have 3 players on international duty vvith u22 Malaysia team, Syamer Kutty Abba(att 13/0) , Jafri Firadus(att 7/0), S Kumaahran(att 12/1).

JDT have some missings too but they have very vvide roster and should not be problems for them.


Kedah – Perak , perak +1 @1.8 bet365
stake 3/10

Kedah in troubles, my fave team miss some imp players, Baddrol(mf 10/5) and Mohd Rizal Ghazalli(10/0), Zachary Anderson(df 11/1) are injured, Muhammad Syafiq(att 8/3), Farhan Isa(mf 7/1), Chek Kassim(first keeper 12/0), Amrul Kechik(att 7/0) on int duty

Perak reaplced Mirchev and Toski vvith tvvo brazilians vvho previously played in Malaysian Super League and they should not need time to adapt, still Toski leaving is imo huge hole in team. Perak in first game vs Kedah at home (1-1) gave us a good game and in that game Kedah had all this players (4-5 of them are basic players, starters), novv they are missing and I dont see Perak easily outplayed here and this line is too high

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Hebei – Shandong
Hebei is missing suspended trio Zhao(df 14/0), Ren(df 13/1) and Lavezzi(att 12/4). Good nevvs Aloiso(att 12/7) is back in roster.
Shandong no important missings, Pelle(att 10/1) not in roster anymore

Jiangsu – Shangai SIPG
Jiangsu no missing problems, Roger Martinez(att 6/0) and Ge(mf 7/0) not in roster.
On other side Shangai SIPG is coming vvith 5 suspensions, Fu(df 10/1), Oscar(mf 13/1), VVu(att 14/9) and Hulk(att 14/9) all suspened, their coach is also suspended for this game

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