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Georgia – Serbia
Georgia will have some absences in roster which can hurt. Lobjanidze(df 47/1), Revishvili(gk 32/0), Kenia(mf 29/4) and Martsvaladze(att 22/2) all injuries, Okriashvili(mf 32/8) and Daushvili(mf 30/0) are suspended.
Serbia on other side with important defender Nastasic(df 23/)) suspended. Ljajic is not in roster. I see them here as a big favourite for a win but I expect tough game.

Turkey – Finland
Turkey will miss two at the moment maybe most important players, Calhanoglu(mf 26/8) and main striker Burak Yilmaz.
Finland in last game missed ton of players but now situation is slighty better because players like Moisander(df 53/2), Hetemaj(mf 40/4), Pohjanpalo(att 18/4) are back in roster, but still they miss best player Eremenko(mf 68/6), Sparv(mf 50/1), Hamalainen(mf 51/8) and keeper Maenpaa(26/0). Lam(df 9/0) is suspended

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Sunday infos

Spain Primera
Eibar – Espanyol
Eibar no important missings, Nano(att 6/1) and Rico(mf 17/2) miss.
Espanyol without suspended Piatti(mf 21/9), Reyes(att 19/2), Navarro(df 6/2) and long term injured Baptistao(att 13/3)
Alaves – Sociedad
Sociedad coming on this trip without Zurutza(mf 24/3), Martinez(df 25/3), Martinez(df 10/0), Jose(att 20/9) and Illarramendi(mf 26/1) four of five players who miss here are key players!
Alaves on other side miss three central defenders, starting df duo Alexis(df 18/2) and Feddal(df 19/1) are both suspended

Italy Serie A
Milan – Genoa
Milan having three suspensions and couple more important injuries. Suso(mf 27/6), Abate(df 23/0), Bonaventura(mf 19/3) and Montolivo(mf 7/0) are all injured, Sosa(mf 13/0), Roagnoli(df 22/0) and Bacca(Att 24/12) all suspended.
Genoa on other side miss suspended Burdisso(df 28/)) and injured Ninkovic(mf 14/2), Veloso(mf 15/0) and Perin(gk 15/0)

Italy Serie B
Trapani – Bari
Bari without Maniero(att 25/6), suspended Romizi(mf 15/0), Moras(df 14/0), Greco(mf 3/0), Salzano(mf 7/1), morleo(df 6/0) and Martinho(mf 9/0).

Pro Vercelli – Verona
Pro Vercelli having some small problems with missings, Altobelli(mf 19/0) and la Mantia(att 20/8) are still injured, now Morra(att 20/2), Mammarella(df 28/0) and suspended Palazzi(mf 24/1) are joining them on injury list. Also new signing Vajushi(att 8/1) is injured too.
Verona without best striker PAzzini(att 24/19) once agian.

France Ligue 1
Nantes – Nice
Nantes miss two suspended Pardo(att 9/1) and Bammou(att 26/2).
Nice in problems with absences again, Plea(att 25/11), Cyprien(mf 29/8), Walter(mf 18/0) and Bayasse(df 18/2) are all injured.

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Friday injuries&suspensions

Holland Eerste Divisie
Telstar – Maastricht

Telstar once again missing problems, in last game they unlucky got just draw (they had 2-0 lead till 80th min, than Emmen come back with 2 late goals) … Beissel(df 3/0), Houten(df 12/0), van Berkel(df 22/3) and Zonneveld(first gk 20/0) all injuries, Ajnane(mf 17/5) and Ottenhoff(df 20/0) are both suspended. Probably same line up as in last game.

Dordrecht – Venlo
Dordrecht is in terrible form, atmosfhere isnt on good level too. Arias(att 8/3), Alkan(df 17/1), Wermeskerken(df 25/0), Boogers(mf 14/0) and da Cruz(att 23/4) continue to miss.
Venlo will miss suspended Post(mf 27/3) and key mf Opoku(23/10)

Emmen – Oss
Emmen without Rozema(Mf 12/0) and suspended Lima(Df 26/1).
Atmosfhere in Oss is bad, after last chaos round where they lost 2-7 coach was fired. Jansen(mf 22/0), Kivuvu(mf 24/1) and Pique(df 23/0) are injured.


France Ligue 2
Sochaux – Nimes
Socheaux three new important missings, Gibaud(df 27/0), Fuchs(mf 21/2) and Ramare(mf 23/0) all injured.
Nimes miss top scorer Alioui(att 26/13), also out are Marin(df 7/0), Harek(df 21/0) and Alakouch(df 13/0)

Valenciennes – Tours
Valenciennes is still without best striker da Costa(att 19/9). Also missings are Diarra(mf 16/1), Ndao(mf 19/2), Kantari(df 21/0 susp), Faustin(att 19/2) and Ciss(df 23/7).
Tours without Belkebla9mf 24/0) and suspended Filippi(df 16/2)

Orleans – Gazelec Ajaccio
Orleans missing three central defenders, Yahia(key df 7/0) injured from earlier, CHemin(df 18/0) got injury before few rounds and Belkalem(df 21/1) got suspension last round.
Gazelec with some important missings too, Le Moigne(mf 20/2), Poggi(mf 11/0), Diedhiou(df 16/1), Tshibumbu(att 23/5) and suspended Youga(mf 18/2)

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Europe League news

Ajax – Kopenhagen
Ajax will have to do without suspended Klaasen(mf 25/12 susp).
Kopenhagen coming on this trip without Zanka(df 23/0 suspension), Jensen(att 22/5) and Pavlovic(att 25/3)

Genk – Gent
Away team Gent having some serious troubles for this game, coach is worried too. Milicevic(mf 23/5), Neto(mf 21/4), Matton(mf 13/0), Saief(mf 25/4), Esiti(mf 19/0 susp) and Kubo(att 7/5) are all out. Asare(df 19/1) is doubtful, he is with team but most probably wont play. Coach called four players from second team.

Manchester United – Rostov
Rostov coming on Old Trafford without Kalachev(mf 16/0) and Gatcan(mf 14/2) both suspended, Granat(df 12/0) an Dzhanaev(first gk 13/0) wont play due injury. Away from home in Europe competitions Rostov isnt doing right, last five games for example no win. Today they simply must score at least once
Anderlecht – APOEL
Apoel missing four importnat players. Astiz(df 20/2), Efrem(mf 23/8), Morais(mf 26/2), Vinicius(mf 23/6) are all out with injuries, Canas(mf 5/0 new signing) cant play too. Three of them were starters in first leg when Apoel lost 0-1 at home.

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Weekend picks

Panionios – Larissa , panionios -1 @1.6
stake 3/10

Larissa with big absences, Farkas(df 22/0) and Andoni(mf 19/0) are suspended, Xendochof(first gk 14/0), Tikito(df 8/0), Avraam(mf 18/2), Koutsiankikoulis(att 5/0), Rentzas(df 21/2) all injured


Panionios at the moment is on amazing run, this team is playing very amazing they even beat Olympiakos away from home before couple of weeks, Atmosfhere is on big level. Quality here deep on their side.

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Info Saturday

Valencia – Gijon
VAlencia three very important players missing, Perez(mf 20/0) suspended, Rodrigo(att 15/4) and Nani(att 18/3).
Gijon miss Gomez(att 21/2), Amorebieta(df 22/0) and Lopez(df 19/0)

Sevilla – Leganes
Sevilla with couple of missings, Vitolo(mf 22/4) and Nasri(mf 18/2) suspended both, Pareja(df 19/1), Mercado(df 22/3), Fernandez(att 3/1) out.
Leganes coming on this game without Rico(df 16/1) suspension, Timor(mf 17/1), OMar(mf 15/0), Ibanez(att 5/2) and Serantes(gk 13/0)
Granada – Atl Madrid
Granada without injured Lomab(df 16/2), Vezo(df 13/0) and suspended Gonzalez(att 17/5).
Atletico Madrid miss Gameiro(att 25/10), Torres(att 19/5) and Gabi(mf 24/0)

France Ligue 1
Guingamp – Bastia
Bastia on this game weakned a lot, Cahuzac(mf 21/0), Ruf(df 2/0), Djiku(df 15/1), Squillaci(df 10/0), Diallo(att 23/3) and Crivelli(Att 17/7) all out.

Nancy – Lille
Nancy long list of absences, Koura(att 13/1), Puyo(Att 18/2), Dale(att 18/1), Badilla(Df 18/1), Benasser(mf 21/3) and Guildileye(mf 16/0) all out.
Lille full squad.

Italy Serie B
Spezia – Avellino
Spezia miss Nene(att 13/4) but he is out already long time.
Avellino is such a shame (talking for last round), today missing Soumare(Att 15/0), Asmah(df 15/0), Gonzalez(df 27/0) and Djimsiti(df 24/0)

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Friday news

France Ligue 2
Gazelec Ajaccio – Troyes

Gazelec have five fresh missings in the roster, Diedhiou(df 16/1), Le Moigne(mf 20/2), Poggi(mf 11/0), Tshibumbu(att 23/5) are all injured and Youga(mf 18/2) miss due suspension. On the doubtful list is Clerc(df 16/2).
Troyes on other side is not having serious orries, Saada(mf 23/3) and Confais(mf 21/1) are new injured players.
Niort – Valenciennes
Niort miss Sans(df 15/0), Djigla(att 23/2) and Rocheteau(att 5/2).
Valenciennes miss Da Costa(att 19/9), Aloe(df 12/0 suspended), Ndao(att 19/2), Nery(df 23/0) and DIarra(att 16/1) .

Ausitra Eerste Liga
Neustadt – LASK Linz
Neustadt with two suspensions in defence after last game, Schicker(df 18/0) and Pfingstner(df 18/0).
LASK without Luckender(df 20/5)

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Italy Serie B

Avellino – Perugia , avellino +0ah @1.73 188bet
stake 2/10

Avellino is in very good form they have 10 games without a lose, at home they have 3w-2d-0l in last five games. Atmosfhere is really good, slowly they are climbing up on the table.

Perugia for this game in huge troubles, Volta(df 26/0), Monaco(df 20/1), Belmonte(df 20/1) and Brighi(mf 24/2) all suspended, Mancini(df 7/0), Alhassan(df 1/0), Nolfo(att 3/0) and Rosati(first gk 19/0) all injured. Will be huge blow if Di Carmine(Att 20/7) who is having some injury wont be able to play…


Saturday news

Spain Primera
Eibar – Real Madrid
Eibar miss key defender Lejeune(df 24/1) with suspension and Rico(mf 17/2) injured.
Real miss Bale(att 15/7) and Morata(att 17/8) suspensions and Ronaldo(att 20/18) and Varane(df 18/1)

Germany Bundesliga
Dortmund – Leverkusen
Dortmund miss Gotze(mf 11/1), Rode(mf 11/1) and Bender(df 2/0).
Leverkusen without twoimportant players, Tah(df 16/1) and Calhanoglu(mf 15/6)

England Premier League
Manchester United – Bournemouth
Bournmouth coming on Old Trafford without Francis(df 23/0) and Wilson(att 19/6).

Leicester – Hull
Hull long list of absences for the trip to Leicester. Long term injured are Keane(att), Luer(att), Odubajo(df) and Lenihan(df), added to this four also missings are Henriksen(df 11/0), Davies(df 22/0), Dawson(df 22/3), Evandro(mf 5/0), Mason(mf 16/1) and Mbokani(Att 10/0)


Swansea – Burnley
Swansea miss Ki(mf 15/0) and Dyer(mf 8/0).
Burnley without Marney(mf 21/1) and Defour(mf 18/1) two important midiflers who miss already 3 games, Gudmundson(mf 16/1) and Barnes(att 17/4) miss too

Watford – Southampton
Watford miss Pereyra(mf 13/2), Kabasele(df 11/2) and Amrabat(Att 18/0).
Southampton without Austin(att 13/6) and van Dijk(df 21/1)

Liverpool – Arsenal
Liverpool without Henerson(mf 24/1) and Sturridge(att 14/2).
Arsenal miss Cazolra(mf 8/2), Debuchy(df 1/0) and Elneny(mf 12/0)

England League One
Cambridge – Colchester
Colchster’s problems with injuries dont stop… Loft(mf 3/0), Szmodics(mf 15/3), Sullivan(mf), Grandoson(df) and Prosser(df 14/0) are out long time ago, Eastman(df 27/3), Kent(df 13/0), Doyley(df 3/0), Slater(mf 28/3), Johnstone(ATt 28/2) and Guthrie(att 33/12 top scorer) are all out

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Tampines – Hougang , hougang +0,75 @1.9 bet365
stake 2/10

Tampines decide to build their team mostly on experience this season. They started pretty bad with 2-1 lose vs title rival Albirex, the worst thing is that 3 players got suspensions, Hanapi(mf 1/0), Mukhtar(mf 1/0) and Mohana(df 1/0) all three important first team playeRS, added to this Sulaiman(mf) is still recovering from injury and cant play, also long term injured Fawaz(att 17/8) also injured.

Hougang on other side feeling big pressure because they have big attention from media for their good signings and getting coach Philippe Aw, they are real danger this season and many of the experts are telling that Hougang have good team for big things.

I was expecting total wrong odds here with line like -1 or even -1,25 but bookies are opening pretty good odds. Still cant agree that Tampines with such absences can take easy win so I am on Hougang’s side here, small bet x2 or dnb2 is ok too

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