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Macedonian pick

Sileks – Shkupi , sileks +0.25 @1.74 sbo
stake 5/10

I cant see Sileks as outsider in this game, if this game was in middle of season odds here for Sileks win would be around 1.75 and now this 2.90 is simply crazy. Ok Shkupi must win but why would Sileks let them to win, no relationship, in fact Sileks dont like Shkupi at all because of some previous tensions and some political reasons…
Sileks play for nothing but that doesnt mean they wont fight here, Pobeda and Sileks have good relations so Sileks should play for Pobeda…

Shkupi is very poor team away from home and usually they just defend and waiting on counters, for this game they have two big blows, boss in defence Lazarevski(captain) and Iseni are both out due injuries.

Sileks have no important missings, playing at home in Kratovo where even best teams in league have hard battle to wwin points… Big value which must be taken

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Sunday missing players

follow for in play bets!!


Lech – Wisla
Lech miss Kokalovic(df 0/0).
Wisla miss Sadlok(df 29/0), Pietrzak(df 9/1), Maczynski(mf 31/1) and Cywka(mf 24/0)

Korona – Legia
Korona for nothing, Pilipchuk(mf 26/3), Micanski(att 8/3) and Diaw(df 16/1) out,
Legia miss Jedrzejcyk(df 15/1) and Kucharczyk(mf 20/5)

Lechia – Pogon
Lechia have Wojtoviak(df 16/1), Slavchev(mf 21/0) and Vavrzyniak(df 34/0) missing.
Pogon miss Nunes(Df 31/2), Rapa(df 24/1), Fraczcak(mf 30/12), Ciftci(att 8/0), suspended Matras(mf 32/5) and keeper Kudla(13/0)


Admira – Austria Vienna
Admira miss Toth(mf 32/0) and Lackner(mf 32/1) two key midiflers, Straus(df 23/0), Posch(df 11/0) and Starkl(mf 26/2) also out.
Austria Vienna miss three suspended players Rotpuller(df 29/2), Serbest(mf 33/2) and Kayode(att 33/17). Also injured are Martschinko(df 23/1) and Venuto(att 29/7)

Ried – Mattersburg
Ried miss Honsak(mf 23/3) and Ziegl(mf 31/0).
Mattersburg miss Holler(df 33/3). Must win situation for Ried!! Could be good in play bets.

Rapid Vienna – St Polten
Rapid Vienna have important cup game for few days, today out are Schwab(mf 27/5), Kviliatita(mf 26/7) and Mocinic(mf 14/0).
St Polten miss Perchtold(mf 23/3), Schutz(mf 27/3), Holzmann(df 6/2) and Dieng(att 13/1)



Spain Segunda
Alcorcon – Tenerife
Alcorcon miss Paez(df 10/0), Kadir(mf 16/00, Elgezabal(df 19/0) and Perez(mf 28/1).
Tenerife miss Atmane(mf 5/0) nad Jimenez(df 26/1)

Gimnastic – Girona
Gimnastic miss Tejera(mf 34/6) suspension, Giner(att 13/0) and Djetei(df 9/0).
Girona miss Alcaraz(mf 24/6) and Coris(mf 27/1). Aday(df 33/0) and Maffeo(df 13/0) doubtfull both.

Elche – Reus
Elche miss many important players, Pellegrin(df 31/2) suspended, Pedro(att 30/1), Guillermo(att 34/5), Albacar(df 19/), Mailla(mf 14/3), Dorca(mf 31/1), Fraile(att 7/1)

Mallorca – Numancia
Mallorca’ll have big support from their fans today, only Oriol(df 22/0) missing.
Numancia miss Munir(gk 13/0), Gutierrez(df 24/0), Alvarez(mf 29/4), el Moral(mf 20/9) and Valcarce(df 16/0) are all out


Italy Serie A
Cagliari – Milan
Cagliari miss Alves(df 36/1), Isla(mf 34/1) and Sau(att 34/7) suspensions, Barella(mf 28/0), Dessena(mf 18/2), Ceppiteli(df 19/0), Melchiorri(att 10/3) and Colombo(gk).
Milan miss Deulofeu(att 17/4), Romagnoli(df 27/1), de Sciglo(df 25/0) and Abate(df 23/0)
Sampdoria – Napoli
Sampdoria miss Muriel(att 31/11), Sala(df 20/0) and Viviano(gk 17/0).
Napoli full roster, only Allan(mf 29/1) and Albiol(df 26/0) doubtful


Crotone – Lazio
Crotone miss Stoian(att 27/3).
Lazio three suspensions, Hoed(df 23/2), Lulic(mf 31/3) and Balde(att 31/16) all suspended, injured are Parolo(mf 34/5), Luaku(df 16/0) and Marchetti(gk 18/0)


Inter – Udinese
Inter miss Icari(att 34/24), Ansaldi(df 21/0) and Miranda(df 32/0).
Udinese miss de Paul(att 34/4), Danilo(f 36/2), Samir(df 21/0), Fofana(mf 22/5), Perica(att 27/6)

Palermo – Empoli 2 @1.58 pinnacle
Empoli need victory here to avoid relegation (and to not depend on other teams), Palermo should let Empoli here to win because of some money awards which Italy Federation gives to relegated teams.. (here link which explains it, )
Plaermo miss Gazzi(mf 25/0), Embalo(att 12/0), Vitiello(Df 5/0), Pezzela(df 10/0). Empoli miss Kaddouri(mf 15/3), Buchel(mf 15/0) and Skorupski(gk 35/0)


Brazil Serie A
Sport Recife – Gremio
Gremio coming with almost alternative team, all key players staying at home. Rocha, Moura, Luan, Kannemann, Barrios, Geromel, Cortez, Grohe are all going to be rested.


Kristiansunds – Sogndal
Kristiansunds miss key midifler Qaka(mf 8/0) due to suspension, Gjesdal(df 5/0) injured.
Sogndal miss couple important player,s Grodas(df 7/0), Utvik(df 7/0), Psyche(df 6/0) and Sveen(mf 2/0)

Haugeseund – Saprsborg
Haugesund miss Abdi(mf 7/2) and Gytkjaer(mf 8/3).
Sarpsborg miss Toivomaki(df 4/0), Groven(df 1/0), Halvorsen(att 9/0), Thomassen(df 10/1) and Diatta(mf 7/0)


Thun – Young Boys
Thun miss Lauper(mf 25/1), Ferreira(mf 14/1), Bigler(df 14/0), Schindelholz(df 10/2).
Young Boys miss Hoarau(att 21/18), Sulejmani(att 27/8), Sanoog(mf 21/2) and wuthrich(df 3/0)

Luzern – Vaduz
Luzern no important missings.
Vaduz already relegated and having some important missings, Costanzo(mf 24/6), Brunner(mf 25/4), Konrad(df 20/0 susp), Hasler(mf 29/1), Burgmeier(df 13/3), Jehle(gk 9/0)

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Hungary NB 1
Haladas – Gyirmot , haladas -0.75 @1.76 sbo ; 1.75 pinnacle

stake 5/10
Haladas one of stronger home teams in league, no serious missings for this game and I see them as favourites in this game and they should take comfortable victory.

Gyirmot have more than 10 players out for this game, Paku(mf 15/0), Bori(mf 15/0), Simon(mf 10/0), Tamas(df 7/1) and gk Sebok(23/0) are injured (4 of them starters), added to this Presinger(df 21/0), Bojovic(df 22/3), Radeljic(df 12/2) and Szalanzki(att 3/0) are suspended. Also from earlier three foreigners Antonov, Bebet an Tancyk left team… Team is already relegated and have nothing to fight for…

Maribor – Krsko dnb2 @3.5 bet365

or x2 @2.25 bet365

stake 1/10

Interesting situation here, Maribor already secured title and last rounds play uninterested while Krsko need here vvin to avoid playing relegation play off (in situaton if Aluminij vvin their game), For this game once again out are Bohar(mf 19/1), Vrsic(mf 26/9), Kabha(mf 20/1) and Sme(df 15/0).

Krsko in desperate situation, they need vvin here to stay in league, but they have lot of absences, Pusaver(df 26/0), Vuklisevic(df 28/1), Kramaric(Att 29/5), Skrbic(att 12/5), Sadikovic(mf 18/0), Naki(mf 6/0) and Pavic(mf 15/0) are all injured…. In this situation everyone would take bet on Maribor at so good odds but odds on Maribor are high because there are very good relationships betvveen this tvvo clubs, Maribor alvvays taking easy vvins vs Krsko, and Krsko often get players from Maribor on loan or free transfers… Now is situation when younger brother need help and I think Maribor will save them if its needed, if Aluminij is vvining their game vs Olimpija, then I expect Maribor to let Krsko the victory), small stakes of course because if Olimpija is crushing Aluminij (vvhich is very possible Krsko vvill not need points)


Rudar – Radomlje
Rudar need vvin here to be comfortable and not depending on other results, they have some problems because Zec(df 24/2), Billong(df 24/2) an Babic(mf 33/1) are all out and all of them are important players but still they ahve quality to win this game.
Radomlje already relegated and playing for nothing in this game, Balic(mf 25/1), Stoiljkovic(mf 15/1), Predragovic(mf 3/0) are all out, Kovjenic(mf 22/1) and Ejup(df 9/0) are doubtful

Olimpija – Aluminij
Olimpija need vicotry to confirm 2nd place, they have cup final for 3-4 days, this is unimportant game for them but still they vvant vvin to take the 2nd place, Kronavetar(mf 17/4), Stiglec(df 11/0), Bajric(df 24/0), kaupn(mf 5/0) and Ilic(df 6/0) are all out. Mitrovic(df 12/0) is doubtful. Aluminij must vvin here and vvait for positive nevvs from Rudar and Krsko to not play relegation paly off. Only Panadic(att 8/0) missing

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Italy Serie A
Atalanta – Chievo
Atalanata miss only Drame(df 10/0).
Chievo miss GAmberini(df 20/1), Dainelli(df 26/0), Hetemaj(mf 23/0), Meggiorini(att 27/3), Castro(mf 33/5 susp) and Radovanovic(mf 35/0 susp)

Bologna – Juventus
Bologna miss di Francesco(att 24/4) and Maietta(df 29/0).
Juve miss Alves(df 19/2) and Pjaca(mf 14/0)

Dalkurd – Atvidaberg
Dalkurd have Lavvan(mf 9/3), John(df 6/0), Stadler(Att 2/0), Bangura(Att 4/0) all injured and Bala(df 6/1) suspended.
Atvidaberg miss Ramhorn(df 2/0) only

Degerfors – GAIS
Degerfors miss Klasson(first gk 5/0) and Johansson(df 0/0).
GAIS miss Leksell(mf 8/1)


Finland Veikkausliiga
Lahti – HJK
Lahti miss Taimi(df) and Osipov(mf).
HJK miss only Yaghoubi(mf 6/0)

SJK – Mariehamn
SJK miss Hradecky(mf). Doubtful are four important players Hataka(df 6/0), Dorman(df 6/0), Mboma(Att 8/3) and Laakson(mf 8/1).
Mariheamn miss Sellin(mf 7/0) and gk NOrdqvist(0/0)

JJK – Ilves
JJK miss Hansilan(mf), Lahtie(df) and Abahssine(att).
Ilves miss MAtrone(mf 4/0), Nvvoruh(att) and Pennikangas(df)


Croatia 1 HNL
Inter Zapresic – Istra
Inter welcomes back Ottochian(mf 14/0), Saric(Mf 24/1) and Pollizi(mf 17/0) in roster. Out are; Filipovic(df 33/3), KomorskI(df 25/0), Brlecic(mf 24/1), Mesfin(df 27/0).
Istra on other side have long list of missing players, Pavic(df 14/1), Milos(Df 25/0), Mitrevski(df 29/1), Urosevic(mf 5/0), Ljubanovic(Att 12/1), Bounha(mf 17/0), Bertosa(df 10/1), Stepcic(mf 21/3) and suspended keeper Ivusin(22/0)

Dinamo – Rijeka
Teams play final of the cup on Wednesday, in league all things are already decided. Dinamo in this game miss Leskovic(df 15/1), Antolic(mf 23/4), Soldo(df 4/0), Stum(mf 18/1), Benkovic(df 18/2), Fiolic(mf 8/1) and keeper Livakovic(22/0).
Rijeka is in full roster


Spain Segunda
Almeria – Mirandes
Almeria miss Navarro(df 35/2) suspension.
Mirandes miss Gutierrez(gk 20/0) due suspension, Usero(fm 6/0), Oyarzun(mf 2/0), Hernandez(df 5/0) and Bustos(att 26/2)

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Friday news

Croatia 1 HNL
Split – Osijek

Split is in very bad situation, team did not get licences for next season, so even if they finish like 9th they will most probably be directly relegated, but still team wants a win here to catch 9th place and after that they will make appeal for the licences situation. Good news is that in last round they rested some key players, now no important missings.
Osijek plays for nothing, they are surely 4th placed… For this game many absences, Matas(df 30/1), Barac(df 24/1) are both suspended, Barisic(df 32/1) and Skoric(mf 22/0) on int duty, Lyopa(mf 21/8) will be rested, Petrovic(mf 19/0), Lulic(mf 11/1), Lesjak(df 18/2), Perosevic(att 26/7) are all injured, Ejupi(att 29/14 top scorer) and Boban(att 31/4) are both having small injuries and wont be risked by coach

Slaven – Hajduk
Slaven plays for nothing, Hajduk too… Slaven miss Mrakovic(gk 12/0), Katic(df 29/1), Medjimorevic(df 7/0), Stevanovic(mf 12/0) and Radic9Mf 5/0).
Hajduk miss some important players, Nizic(df 28/2), Tudor(mf 27/3), Vlasic(mf 30/4) on int duty, Gentsoglou(mf 24/0), Juranovic(mf 18/0) and Terziev(df 8/0) are injured

Cibalia – Lokomotiva
Cibalia need just a point to confirm 9th place. In lats round they practically rested 5 players, Vitaic, Basa, Culjak, Tomasevic and Zgrablic all 5 key players, now are back in roster. Out are Misic(mf 29/1), Rubic(att 6/1), Romic(df 7/0), Crncevic(df 19/0) an Mastelic(att 9/0). Lokomotiva plays for nothing, not important game for them. Coric(mf 20/6), Mihajlevic(att 4/0), Rozman(df 26/1), Rahmani(df 28/1), Capan(df 25/1), Grezda(att 30/5) are all injured, Sunjic(mf 23/1), Majer(mf 23/3) and Kolinger(df 21/0 on international duty


Koper – Gorica

Derby game, both plays for noting but both haunts win here. Koper will miss Gregov(df 24/0) and Datkovic(df 30/2) central defensive duo suspended, Paljk(mf 15/1), Teijo(mf 15/0), Andrejasic(df 20/2) and Valencia(mf 13/0) all out, Pranjic(df 20/1) doubtfull.

Gorica once again miss top scorer Burgic(14g)


Floridsdorfer – Kapfenberg
Floridsdorfer miss Kropfl(df 34/2), Deutschmann(df 26/2), Milenkovic(df 10/0) and Markouz(att 23/3).
Kapfenberg miss Ritscher(mf 21/0) and SChagerl(mf 15/1)

Horn – LASK Linz
Horn miss Vallci(df 32/4), Varela(mf 21/1), Andrae(mf) and Denner(df 13/0).
LASK miss Luckener(df 26/6), Ramsebner(df 30/1), Riemman(mf 13/1) and RAntfl(df 33/5

BW Linz – Liefering
BW Linz miss Pecirep(att 26/5), Renner(mf 27/5), Gabriel(df 33/3) and Falk(mf 19/1).
Liefering no fresh absences only Haidara(mf 25/2), from earlier out are Schlager(mf 11/4), Sorensen(Df 15/1) and Tetteh(att 20/10)

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Friday news

Altach – Ried
Altachmiss Jager(df 33/0), Galvao(df 27/0), Prokopic(mf 18/2) and Lukse(gk 27/0).
Ried miss Ziegl(mf 31/0) and Honsak(mf 23/3)

Austria Vienna – Salzburg
Austria Vienna miss Venuto(mf 29/7), Martschinko(df 23/1) and Almer(gk).
Salzburg miss Schlager(df 13/1) and Oberlin(att 4/1)

Mattersburg – Rapid Vienna
Mattersburg full roster.
Rapid Vienna miss Kvitiaia(mf 26/7), Hofmann(df 19/0), Mocinic(mf 14/0) and Schobesberger(mf 5/0)

Polten – VVolfsberger
St Polten miss Martic(mf 22/2) suspended, Holzmann(df 6/2) injured. Schutz(mf 27/3), Perchtold(mf 23/3) and Diallo(df 11/0) doubtful. VVolfsberger miss Dobik(gk 10/0)

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Pick monday

Ireland Premier League
Shamrock – Galway
  1 @1.60

small stakes, shamrock -0.75 @1.75 good bet too for better odds

Galway have been very lucky team so far lately, they got many points with goals in last minutes and thanks to that they are on good run and got little up on the standings. For this game having some injury concerns Stephen Folan(df 14/1), key player David Cawley(mf 13/1), Vinny Faherty(att 12/2) and Marc Ludden(df 14/0) are all doubtful for the game. Ronan Murray(mf 14/5 top scorer) is suspended

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Singapore S League

Young Lions – Home United , home -1.75 @1.80
stake 5/10

Young Lions have some important absences, Saberin(df 8/0), Sazali(Df 8/0), Syafiqq(mf 5/0), Chan(mf 5/0), Emmran(mf 6/0), Rohaizad(gk 5/0)… Young Lions have youngest team in league and maybe in their vvhole history this season they have youngest generation… At the beggining they vvere heavy trash but novv they are little better. Still Home United for be is here one of best teams (lets say 2nd best after Albirex) and everything expect easy vvin here vvould be big surprise for me.



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Sirius – Hammarby , hammarby +0.5 @1.85
stake 3/10

Small-med stake.

Sirius once agian vvith many absences. Sirelius(att 4/1), Ahmadi(att), Eriksson(att), Vecchia(att), Arvidsson(df 5/0), Eishold(df 6/0), Jarl(df 7/0), Bjorkebaum(att 5/0) and Gustafsson(mf 9/3) are all out and anyway I cant see them as such a favourite in this game.


Vojvodina – Javor , vojvodina -1,25 @1.84 pinnacle,sbobet

stake 3/10

Javor have some absences for this game due suspensions and injuries, Gafurov(att 24/3), Kikovic(mf 7/0), Cvetkovic(mf 19/4) and Kornelius(att 3/0) are all out. Also its expected to be fielded a rotation line up for Javor today.

Vojvodina is much stronger team, last game in this season, they vvill most probably take big win here for their fans who will be in big number today, no important missings in their team.

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In Play bet

20th minute at the moment

Malaysia FAM League
PBMS – PJ Rangers, pj rangers -1 @1.9 bet365
stake 3/10

First time vvhen they met PJ Rangers 2-1 PBMS in one vvay game, i follovved that one too. Novv after 20min its clearly PJ Rangers is really much stronger, they had make 2 transfers IN (on loan from SuperLeague teams)!!!

I expect easy avvay vvin here, in this 20min PJ Rangers missed open net, one on one situation and 2 more chances…

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