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Friday pick

Union Berlin – Sandhausen , union berlin -0.75 @1.82 12bet
stake 3/10

I have watched last game Sandhausen – Karslruhe because I was hunting over bets because Karlsruher was in must win situation, Sandhausen was bad but Karlsruher was taking lot of risk and that 4-0 result was unrealistic… Karlsruhe was most of the time much much better, dominant, ball posession, creating chances and everything… Sandhausen was poor. Union Berlin is much stronger team than Karlsruher, they fight for promotion, they need win here.  Union Berlin miss important striker Skrzybski(att 30/8).

Sandhausen without Klingmann(df 28/1) and Linsmayer(mf 28/1) suspensions, Wooten(att 23/9) and Gordon(Df 26/1) injured. Four starters, I expect here home win.



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Friday news

Spain Primera
Villarreal – Gijon
Villarreal without Musacchio(df 22/0) and Costa(df 28/1) suspended both. Ruiz(df 28/1), Cheryshev(att 11/0) and Asenjo(first gk 24/0) injured.
Gijon miss Castellano(df 25/0) and Traore(att 8/2)


Spain Segunda
Elche – Almeria
Elche miss Matila(mf 14/3), Dorca(mf 31/1), Mandi(mf 2/0), Hadzic(att 3/0) and Pelegrin(df 30/2).
Almeria miss suspended Morcillo(df 25/1).

Germany Bundesliga
Leverkusen – Schalke
Leverkusen without Bender(mf 9/0) and Calhanoglu(mf 15/6).
Schalke with couple important missings, out are: Naldo(df 18/1), Baba(df 13/0), Embolo(att 7/2), Nastasic(df 20/0), Moting(Att 23/3) and Kehrer(mf 14/1). Doubtful are Kolasinac(df 22/3) and Meyer(mf 27/1)

Germany Bundesliga 2
St Pauli – Heidenheim
St Pauli full squad.
Heidemheim without Griesbeck(mf 30/2) suspension, Skarke(att 25/2), Beermann(Df 16/2), Kraus(df 8/0) and Widemann(att 4/0) all injured. Doubtful are Wittek(df 24/1) and Schanatterer(att 30/10)



Jihlava – Brno
Jihlava without Hanus(gk 25/0), Hronek(mf 21/3), Urblik(mf 15/1), Misun(df 13/0).
Brno full

Pribram – Sparta Praha
Pribram without Tregler(mf 24/2) suspension.
Sparta miss Rosicky(mf 1/0), Frydek(mf 7/2), Julius(att 19/2), Nestor(Att 6/0), Mazuch(df 14/1), Nhamoinesu(df 16/0) and Koubek(gk 23/0)

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Free pick

Portugal Primera
Vitoria Guimaraes – Boavista , guimaraes -0.75 @1.72 188bet

stake 3/10

Guimaraes great form they are 4th placed and if they plan to keep that plae they need to take points here, they are big favourites for me. Boavista coming on this game without two most important players, Mandiang(mf 24/3) and Espinho(mf 26/3) both suspended, two crucial players in midfield. Henrique(df 12/2) and Agayev(gk 12/0) injured.

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Sunday missing players

Spain Primera
Celta Vigo – Betis
Celta Vigo once again will rest their players because of Europe League’s games. Aspas(Att 28/16), Sisto(att 25/3), Hernandez(mf 22/1), Fontas(df 13/1), Mallo(df 21/2) are all rested, Rossi(att 17/4) and Blanco(gk 11/0) injured.
Betis miss Sanabria(att 22/4), Piccini(df 23/2), Martin(mf 16/2) and Pezzela(df 31/1)

Real Madrid – Barcelona
Real Madrid is in very good atmosfhere at the moment but players can be little exhausted after long game vs Bayern. Today out are Varane(df 19/1) and Pepe(df 13/2).
Barcelona miss Rafinha(mf 18/6, Vidal(df 6/2), Mathieu(df 13/1) and suspended Neymar(Att 26/9). Turan(mf 17/3) is doubtfull

Ital Serie A
Juventus – Genoa
Juve without Buffon(first gk 27/0) who is going to be rested, pjanic(mf 25/5) is suspended.
Genoa without Rigoni(mf 27/2), Izzo(df 29/0), Pinilla(Att 11/0), perin(gk 16/0), Taarbat(mf 6/0), Morosini(mf 4/0)

Chievo – Torino
Chievo without Gobbi(df 26/1), Cacciatore(Df 25/1), Gamberini(df 17/1), Meggiorini(att 27/3) and Rigoni(mf 12/1). Torino miss Benassi(mf 26/5), Lukic(mf 13/0), Iturbe(att 11/0), Molinaro(df 8/0) nd Obi(mf 17/0)

Sion – Lausanne
Sion will miss two important players, Ziegler(df 22/8) and Bia(mf 12/5) are both injured but they missed last three games too so not such a big deal.
Lausanne miss Margiotta(att 18/8), Monteiro(df 23/0 suspended), Getaz(df 23/0) and Araz(mf 20/1). Key midifler Custodio(mf 23/2) traveled with team but he have injury so he is doubtfull for this game


Greece SuperLeague
Platanias – PAOK
Platanias miss Vanderson(df 27/1) and Manousos(att 26/8) both suspended.
Paok without Leovac(df 25/2), Mystakidis(att 17/3) and Canas(mf 21/1)

Panathinaikos – Atromitos
Panathinaikos with four suspensions for this game, Villafanez(mf 26/2), Leto(att 17/5), Reis(mf 15/0) and Moledo(df 19/1) all suspended, Steele(gk 9/0) and Thelander(df 8/0) both injured. Good news is that Berg and Lod are coming back after missing last game.
Atromitos on this trip without Kivrakidis(df 21/0) and le Tallec(Att 26/6)
Olympiakos – Pas Giannina
Oly is champion. No important missings, only Botia(df 19/2) is suspended, good news Costa, Bella, Figueiras, Fortounis and Romao are all back in roster.
Giannina in huge problems for this trip. Jairo(mf 25/3), Acosta(mf 23/1) and Lila(mf 17/0) three most important players in midfield/attack are suspended, Tzimpoulos(df 23/3), Skondras(mf 13/0) and best striker Conde(att 25/13) are all injured. So totally they miss six important starters vs best team in league…
Levadiakos – AEK
Leva need here point(s) to secure their place in first league. assiliou(Att 19/5), mendy(df 11/0), Youssouf(att 8/1) and Giakoumakis(att 25/5) are all out.
AEK without Mantalos(mf 25/6), Simoes(mf 21/1), Ajdarevic(mf 14/1) and Lampopoulos(df 23/2)
Kerkya – Panionios
Panionios in fight for 2nd place but on this trip they have many important absences, Ikonomou(df 25/0), Risvanis(df 24/3), Shojaei(mf 25/4), Sipis(mf 27/0) all suspended, NGog(att 13/1), Fountas(att 19/2) injured both

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Poland Ekstraklasa

Lech – Ruch 1 @1.20Stake 4/10

Three important missings in Ruch’s roster, Grodzicki(df 23/3) and Lipski(mf 28/5) are both injured and both are crucial players, irreplaceable. Also Koj(df 13/0) is suspended, another important player.

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England Premier League

England Premier LEague
Bournemouth – Middlesbrough
Bournemouth miss two important midiflers, Wilshere(mf 27/0) and Surman(mf 21/0) both injured, Wilson(att 19/6) out from earlier. Gosling(mf 24/2) is doubtful.
Middlesbrough miss first keeper Valdes(28/0) and LEadbitter(mf 10/1)

WEst Ham – Everton
West Ham in troubles with the absences, Byram(df 15/0) and Noble(mf 28/3) are suspended, Antonio(att 29/9), Carroll(Att 18/7), Obiang(mf 22/1), Ogbonna(df 19/0) all injuries.
Everton without Coleman(df 26/4), More(df 23/0)< BOlasie(Att 13/1) and McCarthy(mf 12/1). Valencia(mf 17/3) stays at home HUll – Watford Hull miss Meyler(mf 20/1)< Mason(mf 16/1), Eladbellaoui(df 7/0), Keane(Att 5/0) and three more long term injuries. Watford miss Pereyra(mf 13/2)< Catchart(df 15/0) and Kaboul(df 22/2) Swansea – SToke Swansea without Routlandge(att 27/3), Cork(mf 28/0), Rangel(df 18/1), Dyey(att 8/0). Stoke miss Afellay(Mf 12/0). Doubtful are Allen(mf 31/6) and Wheelan(mf 26/0) two key midiflers

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Friday picks, i have combo with this 4 bets.

Holland Eerste
Oss – Volendam 2 @1.75
Oss is really poor, except the attacking power in Boere who is crazy goal machine rest is just average and under average, defence is pure crap and now to make things worse there they are missing key defender Pique(df 28/0) trough suspension. And for Oss season is finished as they have no target anymore. Volendam on other side motivated a lot, they want to catch top 7 places to go in promotion play off, last round was huge dissapointment for them but now they have to come back. Schilder(df 35/2), BettI(df 22/0) and Visser(mf 24/3) out but Schouten(df 34/0) is back


MVV – Jong PSV , mvv -0.5 @1.95 188bet
Maastricht need win here, at home they are in great run of 10 games without lose. Motivation is on their side, quality is on their side too and experience too. Jong PSV with no help from A team it means they will struggle once again without the older guys.


Austria Eerste
Austria Lustenau – Floridsdorfer , lustenau -0.75 @1.76 sbo,188bet
stake 2/10
i am on Lustenau -0.75 here for clear reason because they have here home field advantage which is quite big thing even if they are not so dominant at home. Small problem is that important midifler Grabher(mf 27/6) is suspended but still they have good team.
Floridsdorfer at this game without 3 starters in defence, Becirovic(df 23/0) and Kreuzriegler(df 26/2) are suspended< Deutschmann(df 26/2) is injured, it means starting cd duo is missing plus starting rb.

We can make here small comparation, in last round A Lustenau totally dominated over Horn and won away from home 1-2… while before a month Floridsdorfer lost 0-2 vs Horn. only problem is host play for nothing and guests have motivation not to lose this

LASK Linz – Liefering 1 @1.25
LASK dominating the league this season.
Liefering not so strong this season as previously, change of generation and so on. For this game Liefering will have to do with many important guys who are with Salzburg u18′s team at the moment, so Wolf(mf 24/6), Gorzel(mf 16/0), Haidara(mf 21/1), Filip(mf 17/3), inglitssch(df 19/0), Igor(df 22/0), Mensah(df 16/0), Sorensen(df 15/1), Meister(att 6/0) and best player Berisha(att 26/13 top scorer) are all with younger team, Schlager(mf 11/4) and Tetteh(att 20/10 ,2nd scorer) two other very important guys are injured from earlier.
This is incredibly hard situation for Liefering

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Friday info on Injuries and Suspensions

Croatia 1 HNL
Cibalia -Slaven
Cibalia practically have to win this otherwise relegation will be almost official. Slaven is the team who have no win in 2017 so Cibalia can search some chances here. Cibalia miss Misic(mf 24/1), Crncevic(df 19/0), Simunac(att 14/0), Mastelic(att 7/0) and Dabro(mf 13/1).
Slaven miss Puric(df 24/1).
Rio Ave – Arouca
Rio Ave many missings, Pedrinho(df 15/0), YAzalde(att 13/1), Monte(df 7/0), Ronan(att 11/1), Riberio(mf 27/0) and first keeper Cassio(29/0) suspended
Arouca miss first keeper Bracalli(19/0) too, also out are Costa and Sami.

France Ligue 1
Nancy – Marseille
Nancy without two defenders, Muratori(df 17/0) and Cuffaut(df 26/1 suspension).
Marseille miss Gomis(att 27/17 top scorer) suspension, good news Cabella, Doria and Hubocan are back after missing last game.

France Ligue 2
Valenciennes – Orleans
I tough about good tip here is home win but the news are not good for doing that.
Valenciennes many injuries, Diarra(mf 16/1), Faustin(mf 19/2), Yamissi(mf 26/2), Butin(att 23/2), Ambri(att 7/0), Roudet(mf 28/3), Nestor(df 30/2) all out due injury. Orleans miss only Houla(att 10/0) and Yahia(df 7/0)


England Championship
Norwich – Brighton
Norwich will ave to do once agian without Klose(df 30/1).
Brighton without key striker Baldock(att 30/10) and Duffy(df 31/2). Both out since earlier.

Spain Primera
Sevilla – Granada
Sevilla without Vitolo(att 26/4).
Granada miss Ramos(att 9/2), Foulquier(df 18/0) and Kravets(att 26/5) ue injuries, Wakaso(mf 10/1) and INgason(df 12/1) suspended


Germany Bundesliga 
Koln – Hoffenheim
Koln without Risse(mf 13/2), Guirassy(att 6/0) and Zoller(att 22/1).
Hoffenheim miss Huber(df 23/1)


Italy Serie B
Novara – Perugia
Novara without da Costa(first gk 34/0) and Sansone(att 32/5) both important starters.
Perugia miss del Pret(df 16/0) and Belmonte(df 24/1 susp).

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Europe League

Manchester United – Anderlecht
Man Utd miss Smalling(df 15/1), Jones(df 14/0) and Mata(mf 23/6).
Anderlecht without Najar(df 9/0) and Trebel(mf 11/0)

Genk – Celta Vigo
Genk miss Karelis(att 18/9), Susic(mf 15/0) Wouters(Df 7/0).
Celta Vigo rested all their players in league game, today miss only Rossi(att 17/4)

Schalke – Ajax
Schalke miss Kehrer(mf 14/1) suspended, Moting(mf 23/3), Naldo(df 18/1), Baba(df 13/0), Embolo(att 7/2) all injured. Kolasinac(df 21/3), HOwedes(df 27/0) and HUntelaar(att 12/1) will face late fitness test, all of them are doubtful.
Ajax without Sinkgraven(mf 24/1) and Riedewald(df 14/0)
Besiktas – Lyon
Besiktas with two very important players suspended Aboubakar(att 20/7) and Marcelo(df 26/3) both suspended.
Lyon miss Mammana(df 16/1) and Rafael(df 23/0 susp). Depay(att 12/5) out too.

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Champions League

Monaco – Dortmund
Monaco without Carrillo(att 17/7), Boschilia(mf 11/6) and Sidiba(df 25/2) all injured and all missed first leg, another missing today is Fabinho(mf 31/8) who got suspension.
Dortmund without Gotze(mf 11/1), Schurrle(att 15/2), Bartra(df 18/0) and Rode(mf 12/1).

Barcelona – Juventus
Lot of ppsitive speech on the interviews from Barca’s side. they want to give positive and optimistic point of view to their fans. Rafinha(mf 18/6) and Vidal(df 6/2) injured, Turan(mf 17/3) is doubtfull.
Juve no importan missings, only Pjaca(mf 14/0) is out

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