CheGuevara Picks

1 Hnl & czech

on October 22, 2016

Dinamo – Cibalia , dinamo -2 @1.77 comeon
stake: 5/10

Dinamo finally with no injury worries like before, at the moment just four players missing, Karimi(mf), Leskovic(df) and Goncalo(mf) are long term injuries, Antolic(mf 7/1) got injury in last game and will miss but thats not problem Dinamo have wide roster and all this isnt problem at all.

Cibalia worst team in league definitelly, club is in financial problems, players were without wages for more than 2 months but finally last week they got some money, still atmosfhere is bad… Khatib(mf 1/0), Muzenjak(mf 4/0), Zderic(df 4/0) and best player Vitaic(mf 11/4) are all injured. Key defender Zgrabalic(df 11/0) is also out, huge handicaps for Cibalia’s weak roster. Coach also said its bad for them because Dinamo is hunting Rijeka and Dinamo is very agressive at the moment and they will want to win here with many goals and that can be problem for Cibalia… all in all huge quality difference, must win situation for Dinamo and Cibalia with many imp absences. I see easy home win and one side game, gl


Slavia – Slovacko 1 @1.25

banker game for me

Slovacko made big succes in last round taking a point vs Plzen, Plzen killed them whole game, had more than 65% ball posession, Slovacko was just defending and wasting time and at the end Slovacko happy with 1 point. Now again they will met strong team but this time on away ground and with very different team comapred to that vs Plzen because in game vs Plzen Slovacko got 3 suspensions, three key defenders Rada(df 9/1), Kostu(df 10/1) and Simko(df 8/0) are all suspended! Huge blow. Civic(mf 7/1) and Biolek(mf 3/0) are injured.
Slovacko will prefer defensive tactic here and with this absences in defence i cant see them to get home from this trip with a point(s).

Slavia is in amazing form, 5 wins in a row (also won in city derby vs Sparta!), atmosfhere is very very good. Mood of the players is flying high, they are hungry for more wins and more goals. No important absences, all key players in roster. Quality on home side, i see home win here.

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