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3for3 match, 21th february

on February 16, 2015

Croatia 1 NHL
Zadar – NK Zagreb 1 @2.00
stake: 4/10

after 1 season pause we have again one of biggest cooperations in the world!
- i wrote about this two clubs before few seasons when they were in same league > now some things changed but i still believe in the cooperation

h2h zadar-zagreb
this season 4 matches will be played, 2 were already played, one draw and one zagreb win, so now its time for 1 draw and 1 Zadar win

current situation:
Zadar is in big problems but situation is getting better. Finally their owner Reno Sinovcic came out from prison and he is active again, also now in club on coach’s position came Stimac (another famous person in Cro football who have big relations), Stimac is especially in good relations with Z.Mamic(big cro-football boss> mafia).

Zagreb after 1 year in 2nd league is back in 1st leageu and they are doing great, currently in middle of table. Their main target was to avoid relegation now that goal is almost done so they can start sharing points to their friends.

Zadar president is Mladen Anic(he came before 1 month) but I still think that big mafioso Reno Sinovcic is having main word there together with his big friend Stimac (who is now coach but invest lot money in club and pay players salaries :P ).
Zagreb boss is Drazen Medic, he is coach and president on the club too (funny but true), he is deciding for everything in club..

Reno Sinovcic and Drazen Medic are in great relations > [Reno left, Drazen right]. They are in great relations long years and are cooperating long time.
but the real question now is what are relations between Igor Stimac(maybe main person in Zadar now) and NK Zagreb boss Drazen Medic, I strongly beleive that Zadar will do everything to win this match because they desperatelly need to get points and escape from dangerous zone.

update: I found out that if there is person in NHL 1 with who Stimac is in good relations that is Drazen Medic so there will be 99% agreement before the match where points will go and I believe that Medic will help to his friend Stimac.

8 Responses to “3for3 match, 21th february”

  1. says:

    1.44 bet 365

  2. says:

    Already odd 1,5 bet365

  3. Alexander says:

    Hockey Germany DEL
    Hamburg Freezers – Straubing Tigers
    Straubing Tigers +1.5ah @1.9 MarathonBet
    stake: 4/10

    Freezers without 7 key players: Jerome Flaake(43 games, 15 goals + 21 assists), Garrett Festerling(40, 0+5), Nico Krämmer(45, 8+8), Patrick Pohl(41, 1+6), goalkeeper Dimitrij Kotschnew(20, 90%), Mathieu Roy(46, 5+23) and Duvie Westcott(32, 5+11).

  4. Saint-Petersburg says:

    take zagreb/zadar odd 19

  5. grande says:

    Stimac in good relation with Z.Mamic hahah ? Che are you drunk? They are enemies .. They hate each other .. But Stimac and Medic are in good relation and because of that Zadar will win this match .. Zadar was playing very well today against dinamo they surprase whole croatian public .. on other side is Zagreb who lost last match 0-6 against Lokomotiva at home field .. Sometimes they play like barcelona sometimes like shit . This is very unpredictible league

  6. Recop says:

    CHE and Bylucky8 so strong tipster…
    thanks bro..

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