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on May 10, 2015

POrtugal Segunda
Portoimonense – Atletico CP 2 @3.6 bet365
stake: 2/10
FT 1-2 WIN WIN  Spain Segunda Spain Segunda  :-D +5,2 units

h2h looks very suspicious here >
I know this Atletico CP is very suspicious team with dirty owner

Transfers between them,pretty much.

Also Atletico CP’s coach LAzaro Oliveira is ex Portoimonense coach he was coach there for 2 seasons and than come to Atletico!

Portoimonense with four big absences, Fabrcio(mf 36/6), Fidelis(att 32/7), Niculau(df 40/0), Ewerton(mf 36/2) are all out, imp rotation player Theo(mf 24/1) is also out > suspension, Jonathan(mf 4/0) is injured.
Atletico CP miss Bjorn(att 27/14 top scoreR) and Palacios(att 32/6 ,3rd top scorer)
but in this kind matches if there is deal before match this absences are not important.

something is strange here because referee for this match was changed in last moment and Atletico was very angry on that decision so now i am little sceptic..

5 Responses to “3for3”

  1. bat says:


  2. Angelo says:

    1-2! yesssssssssss

  3. peshoxxx says:

    Good one Che!

  4. Vladad says:

    Bravo !

  5. Whatever says:

    It is still a damn mystery why your 5 and 6/10 are always loosing and 2/10 is winning with like 8/10 rate…

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