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9th may, some kind of 3for3

on May 7, 2015

Petrolul – U. Cluj
pick: U Cluj +0ah @3.03 pinnacle
stake: 5/10

Petrolul is 3rd placed but in terrible form, reason is that club cant play in European competitions so this 3rd place means nothing to them and now they are just selling matches and letting points.
Here situation is little complicated, both clubs are under same person. Florian Walter , he was in U. Cluj before few seasons than go in Petrolul and now is back in U Cluj again, Petrolul is still his club but becuase he cant have 2 teams in same league Petrolul’s club is on Daniel Capra’s name.

So now Petrolul cant go in Europe and U.Cluj desperate need points to avoid relegation, I dont believe that Florian Walter will let his club to relegate in Division 2 , 4 rounds till end of season and simply U.Cluj must take this match

take a look at all this transfers between them; part 1 , part 2
also one very important thing happened before few days, Petrolul’s coach was sacked and their new coach is Teja (ex U.Cluj coach, U Cluj fans adore him) he is in very good relations wiht U Cluj

26.05.2012/13 – U.Cluj 2-4 Petrolul , 2 rounds before end of season U.Cluj play for nothing, Petrolul need points for Europe. U Cluj is letting them the points..
20.08/2011 – U Cluj 3-2 Petrolul (ht 1-2 ; ft 3-2) , fixed HT/FT match with lot of suspecious moments, own goal, red cards, penalty, late goal..

all in all i believe that U Cluj will take here at least 1 point.

2 Responses to “9th may, some kind of 3for3”

  1. Delija1 says:

    Surovnjaca prepisuje pa samo puca. A ovde se pravi pametan , hahah

  2. azimut says:

    Odakle tebi informacija da petrolul ne igra evropu….zasto lazes ljude……

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