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24th April, just a try “3for3″

Vaduz – Basel dnb1 @4.50 bet365
stake: 1/10
ft 0-0 void :-)

lets just give a try here. This two teams have great relationships, they often help each other and send players on loan or free transfers to each other, Vaduz is something like a feder club to Basel. No doubt here Basel is huge favourite and should win very easily but Basel dont need points and Vaduz desperate need points to get out of relegation zone.
here are transfers between them in last few years (and there are even more previously this are just the new ones)

Basel have already won the league title and now they are practically playing for nothing and just for honour and breaking some records. On this game Basel will miss Akanji(df 8/0), Degen(df 7/0), Lang(df 22/5) and Janko(att 20/16 top scorer). Doubtful are Traore(df 18/1) and Hoegh(df 11/0).



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3for3, crazy bets

NK Zagreb – Lokomotiva Zagreb
over 2,5 goals @1.7 bet365 Spain Segunda Spain Segunda  :-D 
dnb1 @1.7 bet365  :-(
2/1 @26.00 bet365  (was close) :-(

ht 0-1 ; ft 1-2  (ht 0-1 ; than 1-1 with penalty for hosts and red card for guests but unlucky at the end :@ )
Lokosi in serious problems with absences. Ceraj(mf 0/0), Begonja(mf 4/0 – important rotation), Misic(att 5/0 – starter), Andrijasevic(mf 5/1 – starter), Sovisic(mf 5/2 – key player), Fiolic(mf 6/2 – starter) are all injured, Leko(mf 6/0 – key def midifler) and Prenga(df 5/0 – starter) are both suspended. Dolezal(att 6/2 – starter winger) is very doubtfull, chances to play are 50-50
NK Zagreb have financial problems and that is big worry, players without salaries this months some money were paid but not full… Musa(df 6/0) and KRovinovic(mf 6/2) – both starters are leaving club, wont play today..

teams have ok relations and here could be fix, last season they played 6for6 (6 points for Zagreb – 6 points for Lokomotiva) , also they fixed one match Lok Zagreb 1-2 NK Zagreb (ht 1-0 ; ft 1-2 .. goal from penalty + goal in 90minute..).. also NK Zagreb’s club need money quickly and this is very possible, GL



POrtugal Segunda
Portoimonense – Atletico CP 2 @3.6 bet365
stake: 2/10
FT 1-2 WIN WIN  Spain Segunda Spain Segunda  :-D +5,2 units

h2h looks very suspicious here >
I know this Atletico CP is very suspicious team with dirty owner

Transfers between them,pretty much.

Also Atletico CP’s coach LAzaro Oliveira is ex Portoimonense coach he was coach there for 2 seasons and than come to Atletico!

Portoimonense with four big absences, Fabrcio(mf 36/6), Fidelis(att 32/7), Niculau(df 40/0), Ewerton(mf 36/2) are all out, imp rotation player Theo(mf 24/1) is also out > suspension, Jonathan(mf 4/0) is injured.
Atletico CP miss Bjorn(att 27/14 top scoreR) and Palacios(att 32/6 ,3rd top scorer)
but in this kind matches if there is deal before match this absences are not important.

something is strange here because referee for this match was changed in last moment and Atletico was very angry on that decision so now i am little sceptic..


9th may, some kind of 3for3

Petrolul – U. Cluj
pick: U Cluj +0ah @3.03 pinnacle
stake: 5/10

Petrolul is 3rd placed but in terrible form, reason is that club cant play in European competitions so this 3rd place means nothing to them and now they are just selling matches and letting points.
Here situation is little complicated, both clubs are under same person. Florian Walter , he was in U. Cluj before few seasons than go in Petrolul and now is back in U Cluj again, Petrolul is still his club but becuase he cant have 2 teams in same league Petrolul’s club is on Daniel Capra’s name.

So now Petrolul cant go in Europe and U.Cluj desperate need points to avoid relegation, I dont believe that Florian Walter will let his club to relegate in Division 2 , 4 rounds till end of season and simply U.Cluj must take this match

take a look at all this transfers between them; part 1 , part 2
also one very important thing happened before few days, Petrolul’s coach was sacked and their new coach is Teja (ex U.Cluj coach, U Cluj fans adore him) he is in very good relations wiht U Cluj

26.05.2012/13 – U.Cluj 2-4 Petrolul , 2 rounds before end of season U.Cluj play for nothing, Petrolul need points for Europe. U Cluj is letting them the points..
20.08/2011 – U Cluj 3-2 Petrolul (ht 1-2 ; ft 3-2) , fixed HT/FT match with lot of suspecious moments, own goal, red cards, penalty, late goal..

all in all i believe that U Cluj will take here at least 1 point.


3for3 South Africa 29/04

South Africa
Amazulu – Platinum Stars 1 @2.05 bwin,ladbrokes

stake; 3/10

I believe there are some good relations and cooperation here, i look now in my 3for3 archive because of big today offer and because last rounds are coming and I saw this couple and suprisingly they are playing today so lets try.

H2H >>
Transfers; you see there are some free transfers and loan players

well four rounds till end of season, Platinum Stars with only some minimal chances to fall down in relegation zone. For this match Platinum miss one important midifler Letladi Madubanya(mf 15/0) who is suspended.

Amazulu are down in relegation zone are back in full strength now, top scorer Bornwell Mwape and defender Pietersen are both back in squad, key midifler Arwuah is back from suspended too.

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not 3for3 but soething like that!!

Botev – CSKA 1 @2.60 wiliamhil , paddypower
stake: 3/10

this is the match of the week in Bulgaria, everyone is talking about this match. Why its so important? Just take a look at the table at the moment, its last round in Bulgaria before play offs and Botev is 6th placed and is in fight to keep that 6th place with Levski.

CSKA and Levski fans are hatting a lot each other, big rivallry. CSKA fans asked players to let Botev to win to see Levski in relegation play off, that is the dream to every CSKA fan today but will that happen?? we will find out later.
Also there are rumours that CSKA will let this match to Botev and Botev after that in Championship play offs will give back 6 points to CSKA!
also rumours say that CSKA fans will enter on stadium and postpone the match if their team take a lead!!!

its serious match and in Bulgaria everything is possible

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No classic 3for3 but good relations/hating

Standard Liege – Genk
Genk +0,5ah @1.91 sbobet , 1.89 pinnacle
stake: 3/10

new signed striker Ezekiel(att 5/2) is injured, Trebel(mf 21/0 suspended), Milec(mf 19/0 suspended) and Arslangic(df 22/2 suspended) are also out according to captain van Damme(df 21/3) is doubtfull. There are other injuries too [ Kawashima(gk 11/0), Lembi(mf 14/0) and Ono(mf 15/1) missed last match too and i dont know about their current situation ]

Genk miss top scorer Mboyo(att 19/8)

now most important is that this is last round of regular championship in Belgium before play offs. This is situation on table like u can see Genk still isnt sure in top 6 placed team (if they lose this match and Charleroi win Charleroi will be 6th placed and Genk go down). So Genk must take point here to be sure in next stage!
Standard is already quallified in next round and FANS WANT THEM TO LET GENK TO TAKE A POINT OR WIN HERE BECAUSE STANDARD FANS AND CHARLEROI FANS ARE HATING EACH OTHER, there is big rivallry between them and now Standard fans asked for players to let Genk to win here…

but even if Standard dont let them still Genk have enough good team to make something here and take 1 point.


Not 3for3 match but good relations

Serbia JelenSuperLiga
OFK Beograd – Napredak dnb2 @4.00 bet365
stake: 2/10

odds for home win dropped from 1.98 to 1.55 but i am on opposite site.

great relations between this two clubs.
OFK Beograd’s main man and alfa&omega in this club is Zvezdan Terzic (big serbian football boss who ruined the football in serbia).. He is now boss in Crvena Zvezda, he is fighting to be on the top in Serbian Football Federation and he is main person in OFK Beograd [so now you imagine how strong he is]
Napredak owner and main sponsor is Marko Miskovic [ex Zvezda boss too] he is in very good relations with Zvezdan Terzic and this is main thing why I am going to play on Napredak here.

Napredak will probably take a point or 3 points here and in next round they will let Zvezda to win (that is Terzic’s plan, he do the same with Spartak – OFK match, OFK let to win Spartak and now SPartak must give 3pts to Zvezda, this will be same scenario).

this is very fishy game and it will be agreed before match start i hope we are on right side.
[this is not insider info or something like that, this are just my toughts]

even if this match is not fixed still Napredak is not so bad team to have such a big odds on their side becuase field will be bad becuase of lot of rain and snow and this will be tough match.


3for3 match, 21th february

Croatia 1 NHL
Zadar – NK Zagreb 1 @2.00
stake: 4/10

after 1 season pause we have again one of biggest cooperations in the world!
- i wrote about this two clubs before few seasons when they were in same league > now some things changed but i still believe in the cooperation

h2h zadar-zagreb
this season 4 matches will be played, 2 were already played, one draw and one zagreb win, so now its time for 1 draw and 1 Zadar win

current situation:
Zadar is in big problems but situation is getting better. Finally their owner Reno Sinovcic came out from prison and he is active again, also now in club on coach’s position came Stimac (another famous person in Cro football who have big relations), Stimac is especially in good relations with Z.Mamic(big cro-football boss> mafia).

Zagreb after 1 year in 2nd league is back in 1st leageu and they are doing great, currently in middle of table. Their main target was to avoid relegation now that goal is almost done so they can start sharing points to their friends.

Zadar president is Mladen Anic(he came before 1 month) but I still think that big mafioso Reno Sinovcic is having main word there together with his big friend Stimac (who is now coach but invest lot money in club and pay players salaries :P ).
Zagreb boss is Drazen Medic, he is coach and president on the club too (funny but true), he is deciding for everything in club..

Reno Sinovcic and Drazen Medic are in great relations > [Reno left, Drazen right]. They are in great relations long years and are cooperating long time.
but the real question now is what are relations between Igor Stimac(maybe main person in Zadar now) and NK Zagreb boss Drazen Medic, I strongly beleive that Zadar will do everything to win this match because they desperatelly need to get points and escape from dangerous zone.

update: I found out that if there is person in NHL 1 with who Stimac is in good relations that is Drazen Medic so there will be 99% agreement before the match where points will go and I believe that Medic will help to his friend Stimac.


my favourite 3for3 couple

Fredericia – Skive;2

4 h2h matches will be played this season so its still early to predict winners and letting points but later will be easy for sure ;)
in 1st match this season Fredericia won (imo clear match 2-0) read here my preview for this two teams before 2 seasons.. last year they werent in same league so they paused :D now they are again together so i again go for HT/FT bets.

1/2 @43.00 (nordicbet) ; 33.00 (sbobet)
stake: 0,5/10
2/1 @38.00 (nordicbet) ; 30.00 sbobet
stake: 0,5/10

also take over 2,5 goals @1.98 (sbobet) for a combo bet :P

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