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HT/FT 3for3.

Portdown – Ballymena

1/2 @51.00 (ladbrokes,sportingbet); 41.00 (bet365)
stake: 0,5/10

2/1 @23.00 (bwin,sportingbet) ; 19.00 (bet365)
stake: 0,5/10

HT 0-1 ; FT 2-1 BIG WIIIIN Spain Segunda Spain Segunda Spain Segunda  :-D  +10,5 units!!;2

[total 1 unit placed on this two bets]

odds for 2/1 dropping in soem bookies.

very suspecious matches between this two sides. HT 0-1 ; FT 2-1 (ht/ft 2/1 , with goal from penalty kick in 87min)
– HT 1-0 ; FT 1-2 (ht/ft 1/2)
– HT 1-0 ; FT 1-2 (ht/ft 1/2)
Ballymena 6-1 Portadown (big over, seems like fixed also)
01/02/2008:  Portadown 2-1 Ballymena (ht 0-1) another fix >

and now in last 4 mutual matches = nothing, no ht/ft, no suspecious results.. so after 1 year pause I think today will be the day when they will do it again.

Last season Portadown did 4 HT/FT matches, while this season after 12 rounds still nothing.
Ballymena last season did 2 HT/FT matches, this season 0.

Last season 1 transfer between them McLellan(from Portadown to Ballymena)
In 2011/12 transfers:
McCafferty(from Ballymena to Portadown on loan).|
Teggart(from Portadown to Ballymena), Baker(from Portadown to Ballymena)

so you see, many ht/ft matches, many transfers between them (even some loans players) so today I must try this.


5th october, 3for3!

After long time pick in 3for3 section!!


Croatia 1 NHL
Dinamo – Lok.Zagreb 1 @1.25 

over 2,5 goals @1.50
stake: 3/10

FT 3-0 WON WON :-D Spain Segunda  

Two teams who are in great relationships, both teams have same owner that is big cro boss Mamic (of course not on paper but he control them both).
Last season i wrote about them one good articel here read this!

at the moment Loko miss 4 important players. Musa(df 10/2), Prenga(df 8/0), Leko(mf 7/1) and Cabraja(att 3/1)
one interesting moment happened in last round where Loko’s coach Ivkovic yell at Musa to get yellow card (to be suspended for this match…) after the match in interview journalist asked the coach: why you yell at Musa to get yellow card, you already reconsiled with lose in next round vs Dinamo
and here coach get confused…

last match this season between them (HT/FT 1/2 & over 6,5 goals) …

shortly again: same city,same stadium,same boss,lot of transfers,great relationships, big missings in away team and need of points for hosts.


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Czech 3for3

Bohemians – Plzen
bohemians +0ah @1.98 (sbobet)
stake: 2/10

imo they are cooperating and now it is time for Bohemians’s win, also they need points so i think that Plzen will give them the points.
This season Plzen sent two players in Bohemians on loan Sirl and Hora.
Also Plzen’s coach Dusan Uhrin was coach in Bohemians in 2002 till 2004.

In 2009 they played in Cup match ht/ft 1/2
Plzen coach,

Bohemians without Hora(mf 26/2),Sirl(df 11/1),Kolar(df 12/0),Bartek(mf 28/3),Krch(df 14/0) and Smid(df 26/1).
Plzen without Cisovsky(df 14/2),Hejda(df 15/1),Reznik(df 22/0),HOrvath(mf 25/4) and Bakos(att 12/1). Petrzela(att 25/5) is doubtful

only problem is the odds,they are too low.

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slovakia good relationships

Slovan Bratislava – Nitra
pick: over 2,5 goals @1.70 (bet365)
stake: 3/10
FT 2-1 won :D

pick: DNB2 @5.75 (sportingbet) ; 5.70 (tipico)
stake: 2/10
FT 2-1 lost :(

Slovan Bratislava and Nitra have extremly good relationships.. I talk with few Slovan’s fans and they all tell me the same “we want Nitra to stay in league”. On Slovan’s facebook fan page you can read same things, fans are writing comments in style; X2 , good relations , DAC out , Nitra to stay.
reason why Slovan want DAC out from league is that DAC is hungarian team, and Slovan fans hate DAC fans.

I believe that Slovan will respect their fans oppinion. Clubs often in their history made free transfers and loans. They also have made some strange results (few times over 6,5 goals for high odds…)
Slovan miss Zofcak(mf 24/5) and Vittek(att 17/12 top scorer) (some other players also miss but at the moment i dont have names, in last match missed Bagayoko(df 24/2),Milinkovic(mf 23/6),Peltier(mf 25/2) maybe they will miss today too)

Slovan won the title,they play for nothing. Nitra must win to escape from relegation zone!
Slovan’s main sponsor is slovakian bookie and there odds for Nitra’s win are only 4.36 (probably they know more about this match than other online bookies)
slovak sport sites are also tipping on X2


I expect goals here also, question is why? because Slovan tomorrow is celebrating title and there will be some ceremonial and lot of fans so i expect a goal fest for the fans.


Serbia 3for3



Radnicki Nis – Spartak Subotica 1 @1.62 (betvictor)
stake: 3/10
FT 2-1 won :D

Very good relations between this two clubs, boards are in good relations and fans also. Today Radnicki and Spartak fans will be on same part of stadium and will sing together..

There were talkings even from start of season that this two clubs will play 3for3 like last season and after first match where Spartak won thanks to penalty kick i was sure that those talkings are true, but now both teams dont need points so it is very hard to pick winner but anyway i believe that clubs will respect the deal 3for3 and go with home win today.

+ Spartak’s coach Kanatlarovski decide to take some youngsters for this match in squad. also they have many unavailable players..  suspended are Vladimir Torbica(mf 25/4) and Veseljko Trivunović(mf 25/2). Ilija Radović(df 23/1) and Aleksandar Nosković(att 25/3) are injured. Slobodan Novaković(mf 12/2) have flu. Stefan Cicmil(mf 11/1) is long term injred.


3for3 slovakia (3rd may)

Z.Moravce – Trnava 2 @2.10 (bet365)
stake: 4/10
FT 1-2 :D won Clubs are in great relationships. Most of you will remember last season when Trnava desperatelly need points to stay in league and Z.Moravce let them 3 points. i wrote about that match last season and it was won with high stakes. now situation in Trnava is different,now they are one of the best teams in league and they are fighting for top european places! 5 rounds till end of season they must win to stay on 3rd place. take a look at the transfers, there are so many free transfers on important players.
Trnava’s coach is Juraj Jarabek (he was Moravce’s coach 4 years and everybody in Moravce love this man!) (here u can see more about him)
Distance between Trnava and Zlate Moravce is just 70km.

quality,motivation and form is on away side.



26th april (free “3for3″ match)

Lokomotiva – Dinamo Zagreb 1 @5.10 (pinnacle)
stake: 2/10
FT 1-1 :( (goal for draw in 91min for Dinamo :@ );2

not real 3for3 match but something like that.

I have explained many times about big relationships between this two clubs. here u can read everything about them.

you all know that Mamic is owner of this both teams (he is not owner in Lokomotiva on paper but he is main person there). Mamic is big croatian football boss , many people hate him but there are also many who love him. He have big connections in UEFA  , also he is very powerfull in HNS (croatian football federation) …

now let me tell you about owner of Lokomotiva (person who is on paper) and Mamic.
Lokomotiva’s owner is Bozidar Sikic , he is Mamic’s best friend!
Sikic first was coach in young categories in Dinamo! he make lot of money for Mamic
-Sikic bring Mateo Kovacic from Linz in Dinamo Zagreb , Dinamo sell him in Inter for 15 million euros.
-he also bring Sime Vrsaljko who later was sold for 4 millions euros in Genoa.
-he saw talent in Dejan Lovren , who later was sold for 7 millions euros in Lyon!
- Corluka - 11milions euros!!
- Sikic was the man who bring Luka Modric in Dinamo when he was 15 years old … than after some time Modric was sold for 18 millions!!!–a-onda-je-mamicu-donio-bar-50-milijuna-eura/1114922/


transfers > so many free transfers and loan playersbetween them ..

Lokomotiva in squad have 7 ex Dinamo’s players. Lokomotiva’s coach is Tomislav Ivkovic , he is ex Dinamo’s football player , he start his football carrer in Dinamo!

last season they played for first time in their history 1/2(ht/ft)

now let me explain situation on table now. 4th placed team will go in Europe League also because in cup final play Dinamo and Rijeka (both in top 3 placed), so no matter who win 4th placed team go in Europe next season and Lokomotiva Zagreb is fighting for that place. If Lokomotiva go in Europe players will get higher price and can be sold for more money!! so i think that Mamic want his two teams in Europe next season!

Dinamo without: new signed key defender Taravel(df 1/0),Addy(df 16/0),Pavicic(mf 7/1),Pamic(mf 15/0),Cleyton(mf 6/1),Fernandes(att 28/13 ,2nd top scorer) and Cop(att 31/22 top scorer)

in short: same city,same stadium,same boss,lot of transfers,great relationships and Lokomotiva need points for Europe so I think it will be home win.