CheGuevara Picks

Jagodina – Radnicki Nis ,radnicki +0,25 @1.81 188bet
stake: 4/10

ft 0-1 win Spain Segunda Spain Segunda  :-D

Jagodina will miss first and second keeper and that is big problem. Nikolic(first gk 17/0) is out from earlier, now Tatic(second gk 9/0) got injury on training and most probably will miss this game. and that is big blow! Also Stojmirovic(mf 10/0), Martinovic(mf 11/1) and key defender Miladinovic(df 13/0) are all unavailable

Radnicki is very solid side, they palyed two good games vs Partizan but unlucky.. now they are going on this game searching for points, this will be another tough game like always when Radnicki plays and i expect radnicki to take at least a point here. gl

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Handball Seha

Vojvodina – Maks Strumica , vojvodina -9 @1.85 pinnacle,10bet
stake 10/10 for me
LOST, big lose.. Vojvodina won with just 5 goal difference (Strumica played whole game with same 7 players but that wasnt enough for Vojvodina to win with more than 9 goals) :-(
others have -8,5 @1.85 eurobookies

I bet huge here. Maks Strumica only with 4 senior players on this match. All players left club becuase of unpaid wages for around 4 months…

Vojvodina should win this one easily with 20 goals

this would be vip pick but only pinnacle and limits 250euro so nothing


Slovenia strong pick

Koper – Celje dnb1 @1.73 bet365
stake: 6/10
FT 1-2 lost (koper had 1-0 lead and celje had red card from 1st half and in 2nd half Celje won the match, unbelivible…) :-(

i see very tasty odds here…
Koper have ok team in my eyes and at home ground they can beat easily everyone, for example they win champion Maribor at home and that proves you their strength, they lost some players but there were some new signed too so nothing serious. Del Toro and Mrsic are absences.

Celje is tipical home team, on away ground they rarely win matches.. this season for example 1w-4d-5l like guests.. today they will have huge problems cuz they miss whole midfield line.. Miskic(mf 12/1), Ahmedi(mf 14/0), Vrhovec(mf 19/1) and new signed Pajac(mf 8/3 top scorer) – all four very good midiflers will miss… first choice striker Firer(att 18/2 ,2md score) and key defender Krajcer(df 9/0) miss too. Celje’s coach on press said that they are coming on this trip to stay unbeaten (for 1 point)

last game this season Celje 1-1 Koper (celje scored a goal in last minutes to get draw)

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Serbia Basketball

Vojvodina – Borec , borec +1,5 @1.83 bet365
stake: 6/10
66-88 easy win  Spain Segunda Spain Segunda  :-D;1;1.50;0

Vojvodina’s team is much weaker compared to Borec and imo fair odds for away win here should be 1.45 maximum, this is big value..
Borec have one of best teams in league!

Tamis – Smederevo , tamis +4,5 @1.83 bet365 ; 1.77 sbobet
stake: 4/10
84-69 easy win  Spain Segunda Spain Segunda  :-D

Smederevo in problems >> Two best players Sibalic(18,6ppg-4,4rpg) and Zivanovic(18,3ppg-5,2rpg-4,3apg) are both out cuz of injury! Huge problem cuz Smederevo usually use just 7 players in rotation…

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Borac – Surdulica , borac -0,5 @1.87 sbo,pinnacle
stake: 5/10
FT 4-2 win  Spain Segunda Spain Segunda  :-D

Borac is having pretty good team and they paly very good this season, especially on home ground where they can beat anyone, today no important absences only long term injuries.

Surdulica is just one average side, new promoted team whose ambitions are to stay in league.. i rate them as a pretty weak team, today with some important absences, at least 5 frst team players are out.. here are the names; Milovanovic(df 17/0), Pejcic(mf 17/0), Pavlovic(df 10/0), Stankovic(att 16/2), Markovic(df 10/0) … 3 are injured 2 are suspended.


Strong free bets. New winning serie should start today

Macedonia Prva Liga
Rabotnicki – Shkupi 1 @1.67 bet365 (1.70 mybet)
stake: 6/10

Fair odds here should be 1.20 for home win imo.
Rabotnicki is class better team, their most of players are national team players in Macedonia, little problem here is that some of them played friendly match vs Lebanon for Macedonia NT but they are fresh for this match imo. Rabotnicki wont have important absences today and they are going with big ambitions for win here.

Shkupi is the biggest suprise this season, their main target was to avoid relegation but they are doing great especially because of their home ground where they are very strong cuz of their crazy fans who do big pressure… On away ground they usually defend 90% of the time and wait on counters!! This will be same match, they will defend and wait on counters, this will be one side match with more than 70% ball possesion for Rabotnicki and imo Rabo should win in this case.
Shkupi have bad team too, just 4-5 players are enough good for first league rest is crap

Drina – Sarajevo , sarajevo -1,75 @1.8 bet365

stake: 6/10
situation in Drina is awfull, players are without salaries long time.. there is huge conflict between fans and board and fans dont support team anymore, for today’s match its unclear who will play and who not but one thing is sure, they will lose this game 99% cuz they are very weak and unmotivated, everyone is wanting to go out of club. First keeper Ostojic is out for this game.

Sarajevo best team in Bosnia, they must win this match and will go with all power, they will have support from their loyal fans on stadium too.

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Serbia bets

Spartak – Javor dnb1 @1.8 bet365
stake: 4/10
Javor with serious problems.. both central defenders Crnomrakovic(df 16/0) and Milovic(df 11/0) are out, two important midiflers Docic(mf 15/3) and Eliomar(mf 12/1) are also out, key offensive midifler Stojakovic(mf 6/0) is injured from before too. Zecevic(att 13/0) and Gafurov(att 16/3) have some minor injuries but they should play.

Great news for Spartak is that best player Torbica is ready to play today, on home ground Spartak play much better compared to away games so that is big plus for them to get something today

OFK Beograd – Radnicki Nis , ofk -0,25 @1.99 188bet
stake: 4/10
Radnicki Nis without six good players, coach with big headaches in front of this match, he called two youngsters to fill the number today…
Bulatovic(df 15/0) and A.M Jovanovic(mf 10/0) are suspended, Djurchkovich(mf 15/2), Pejcic(att 5/0), V.Djordjevic(df 5/0), M.Petrovic(df 14/0) are injured


Serbia Cup infos and pick

Serbia Cup
Zemun – Spartak Subotica , spartak +0ah @1.9 bet365
stake: 4/10
In previous round Zemun won just 1-0 Jedinstvo and pass the stage but i must say that Zemun in that match played soooo bad, they deserved even to lose, on pitch was just 1 team that was Jedinstvo, but somehow luckily Zemun pass the stage.. now they will met one weak team from SuperLeague but I dont see any chances for Zemun here, they have long list of absences too Bozovic(df 7/1), Rodic(df 4/0), Kovacevic(mf 5/0), Gemovic(att 10/2), Jeremic(mf 9/0), Rakovic and Beko(att 1/0) are all out.
Spartak miss few players but nothing important, only thing which worries here is that Spartak still dont have a coach but assistant coach decide to go with best team so thats good. Captain Torbica said; We have to win this match for us and for the fans, firstly for us because we are down mentally after 5 losses and 2ndly for fans because of 5 lost matches in a row.

Loznica – Radnicki Nis
Radnicki have serious ambitions in cup competition but coach for tomorrow decide to give a rest to some of his key players… Petrovic(df 13/1), Jovanovic(gk 14/0), Bulatovic(df 14/0), Zemjunuhin(mf 10/2) and Asceric(mf 11/1) will be rested, they all stayed in Nis.

Proleter – Jagodina
Jagodina dont care about cup, their most important target is league and avoiding relegation.. here they will play with totally mixed team, just few starters in starting line up..
Proleter is something like Vojvodina B team.

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Spartak Vojput – Maks Strumica , maks strumica +7,5ah @1.71 bet365
stake: 7/10

+6,5 pinnacle @1.80

odds dropping for a simple reason that Zomimak is not that weak than Vojput.

Zomimak have good team and this line is based just on previous match and stats and previous match were mostly fixed thats why they lost so high. For example take a look at 1st round of Seha (Zomimak draw 25-25 with Vojvodina who is playing Champions League), in that match Zomimak bet on their own win and they were high motivated … TODAY IS SAME SITUATION THEY WONT FIX THEY WILL GO FOR A POINTS. Players told that on a press and they will hunt first win of the season here.

Vojput is not that strong to win here with 7 goal difference… I talk with Vojput player and he told me to that its almost impossible to win with 8 here if match is clear (and it will be).. 
fair line 2,5 imo


Македонија Куп

Pelister – Vardar , vardar -0,75ah @1.75 bet365
stake: 6/10
FT 0-2 win Spain Segunda Spain Segunda  :-D

i just waited for confirmed line ups thats why pick just 15min before start.
Pelister will go with reserves here cuz they lost first leg badly and now they dont care.. big rivallry between teams and fans but this is on neutral field and no important match so Pelister dont care, for them more important is 2nd league where they fight for promotion..

Vardar just confirmed line ups; 90. Гачевски, 4. Мијушковиќ, 7. Љамчевски, 8. Спировски, 10. Дашјан, 11. Асани, 16. Глигоров, 17. Стојков, 21. Новак, 77. Брдаровски, 97. П. Петковски
i liked it, there are 4-5 natioanl team players, all of them solid players and should finish them easily with 3-4 goal difference if they want.  also if something goes wrong on bench they have Blazhevski(best scorer), Ivanovski(best striker), Glisic(good winger) etc so no problems at all

i expect here 0-3 or 0-4 easily :)

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