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Macedonia Prva Liga

Vardar – Sileks, sileks +1.5 @2.00 1xbet, winlinebet
stake 3/10 (becuase of limits)

FT 0-0 win ✓ ✓

no good bookies offering this but I’ll share the pick anyway.

Vardar will celebrate the title on Makedonija GP’s stadium today, last game, not improtant game, everything is finished from earlier, Vardar’s best players got vacation earlier, in last game they played with very rotated side still won vs Pelister but Pelister was weakned and not interested too… Now very hot in Skopje, none really would want to put some pressure or really pressing for lot of goals, could be some small win for Vardar if they can win with this kind of roster, roster is pretty poor, because Gachevski(first gk 31/0), Barseghyan(mf 16/7), captain Grncharov(df 27/2). top scorer Balotelli(att 29/11) are going to be rested, Spirkovski(mf 29/4), and Kojasevic(mf 26/9) having injuries should not be risked (altough they are doubtful). Hambadrzymyan(df 12/1) best player of Vardar is not in roster also. Captain will be Grozdanovski(mf10/0) – BIG LOL, very poor player and many other players like him will play today

Sileks should not do rotations, 19 players came in Skopje and 13-14 of them are good quality so should not be trouble to not lose big here.

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Macedonian pick

Sileks – Shkupi , sileks +0.25 @1.74 sbo
stake 5/10

FT 1-0 win ✓ ✓

I cant see Sileks as outsider in this game, if this game was in middle of season odds here for Sileks win would be around 1.75 and now this 2.90 is simply crazy. Ok Shkupi must win but why would Sileks let them to win, no relationship, in fact Sileks dont like Shkupi at all because of some previous tensions and some political reasons…
Sileks play for nothing but that doesnt mean they wont fight here, Pobeda and Sileks have good relations so Sileks should play for Pobeda…

Shkupi is very poor team away from home and usually they just defend and waiting on counters, for this game they have two big blows, boss in defence Lazarevski(captain) and Iseni are both out due injuries.

Sileks have no important missings, playing at home in Kratovo where even best teams in league have hard battle to wwin points… Big value which must be taken

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Pelister – Bregalnica , pelister -1,25 @1.81 sbobet
stake 4/10

Pelister with new owners looks very strong at the moment, they kept all best players despite all rumours about leaving of key players and plus Pelister managed to sign some good names especially the striker Blazhe Ilijovski. They showed great performance in last round vs Pobeda but couldnt win the game, also they were f*cked by referee not giving them clear penalty on 2-2 result. Here quality, experience and everything is deep on their side, only small problem is that they dont play at home but in Ohrid.

Bregalnica disaster, fans are dissapointed and dont support the team. In last round vs Renova they were totally destroyed playing at home and now away from home vs strong team as Pelister I dont give them any chances. Temelkov key player continue to miss with injury, same as 3-4 more players.

Easy home win for me here.

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Vardar – Sileks under 3 @1.85 sbo
stake 4/10

I expect bad game here. Vardar with imperative to win but what about Sileks? Sileks is coming once again to waste time, to play on a knife and take point if its possible.

Vardar in last few games is playing attacking but really without idea, I liked them vs Renova but thats the only good game they played.. after that vs Pelister again shitty gameplay but won 0-1 thanks to Pelister’s mistake there.

Sileks will prefer slow football here. No some serious absences in both teams but here line for sure should be 2,5 or 2,75 this is big value. gl

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Macedonian League #MFL1

Pelister – Shkupi 1 @1.83 bet365
stake: 4/10

1.87 bwin

two totally different minded teams, Pelister always at home playing on 3 points, this season team is having high ambitions and wants to finish higher possible on table and catch European ticket. they are doing pretty well till now, they have now new coach Sensoi with who Pelister is having good results, i dont like their gameplay, coach dont like it too but now he said on press that they worked hard on that plan and should be positive things. Finally Pelister is having back some of their key members and for this game just couple of guys missing who are long term absences.

On other side is Shkupi, another tipical home team, when they play at home they always play on points because of big support from their fans and big pressure on referees and away team players Shkupi took points at home but away from home all they do is waiting in defence on counters and always wasting time happy with 0-0 and draws… Now Shkupi have little weaker roster than last year and they have some troubles… for this game plus they have some absences, They have troubles with scoring goals and now added to that they will miss Kadriu(att 12/0), Demiri(att 6/0) and Traore(att 9/1) all of them starters, according to some infos which i got from some fans important midifler Janevski(11/0) is having some small injury and could miss too

If we compare the rosters there is huge advantage on Pelister’s side, also playing at home, big fan support, better atmosfhere, better form. And I think first game this season Shkupi 1-0 Pelister was fixed so now Shkupi should let Pelister but that are just city rumours.

anyway Pelister better team and should win here, gl

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Pobeda – Shkendija 2 @1.57 bet365
2/2 @2.25 bet365

big stake, also handicaps on Shkendija -1ah -1,25ah -1,5ah are all must take bets!

Pobeda have new coach, Sterjovski. I dont like him at all he is classic defensive minded coach… In last round vs Vardar, Pobeda had lead 0-1 and instead of putting one fast striker in to finish the game cuz Vardar was all in attack Pobeda was defending with all 11 players in 16′s and at the end i was really happy that they lost the game because that kind of teams dont deserve points. Today will be same gameplay for sure but now they miss 1 important cmf and 1 important central defender so job will be different.


Pobeda cant get anything from Shkendija at this moment imo. Shkendija have one of best rosters in league (for me best roster), they are without win in last rounds because there was conflict between coach and star players in Shkendija so best players wasnt playing good, now coach is changed so everything in club is on good level again and this is MUST WIN. Full roster available and a must win situation because they are already too many points behind Vardar. Shkendija should win this game easily with 0-2 0-3 or more, in first game this season Shkendija totally outplayed Pobeda and deserved big score (you can see highlights on youtube), i expect one side game here and very easy win for Shkendija. Fair odd for me 1.15 maximum here. Gl



Renova – Pelister , pelister +0,5 @1.8 sbo, bet365
stake: 5/10

I cant understand why Renova is favourite here, they are playing at home and that is their only advantage. They are team without fans so this home factor isnt so big for them, Pelister will have huge support from their loyal fans Ckembari, also Pelister’s team was in quarantine before this game because this is important game for them and they cant afford loosing points.

Renova is just one average team, after loosing last season best player who was scoring goals, assisting who was alfa&omega now they are nothing. For this game they will miss the only real striker Ramadani.

Pelister have two absences but nothing serious, they signed another two players, bulgarian Vasilev is big signing, quality deep on Pelister side, i expect them to stay unbeaten today

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Pelister – Rabotnicki , pelister +1 @1.76 sbobet
stake: 7/10


why is Rabotnicki such a huge favourite here i cant understand really.
At the moment Shkendija and Vardar are dominating this league and fight for the 3rd place will be between Pelister and Rabotnicki, Pelister just come back from 2nd league but they have new sponsors (fixers but they are still peacefull for now, and afraid of Pelister fans who are crazy and wont let such thing in their club). Pelister brought very good signings and now they are main candidate (for me) for the 3rd place, they have two good brazilians, in midfield some good experienced players, in defence they signed Kovachev who is real boss there, now before few weeks they signed Aleksandar (made comeback after 2 yearS)
At the end Pelister is playing at home and stadium will be full so whenever they play at home vs whoever it is Pelister always go on points, they want win here, draw is not an option!

Rabotnicki like usual, selling their players after Euro competition… this season Rabotnicki is zero compared to last year but still they very easy schedule so they are on the top, now when real games come vs Shkendija,Vardar, Pelister, Sileks they will show real face… no real forward in team and many many youngsters, they have only 4-5 experienced players all other are very unexperienced (but talented) players…

maybe Pelister will lose here but for sure not with more than 1 goal dif. Huge bet for me, gl

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Macedonia Women Cup
ZFK Top Gol – ZFK Borec , top gol -1,75 @1.85 bet365
stake: 6/10
FT 3-1 win Spain Segunda Spain Segunda  :-D

Top Gol after the winter break have made great signings and they already proved that they are very serious team now, they lost just 2-1 vs the champion Dragon (who usually always win their games with 3-4 goal difference), this shows u how strong Top Gol is now… they have serious ambitions in the cup and here i see easy win with 3-4 goal difference.

Borec came in Bitola with just 14 players (12 players + 2 keepers, but keepers are players too :D funny league).. big quality difference, i expect here easy home win with 3-4 goals for the hosts.


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Met. Skopje – Shkendija , shkendija -1,75 @1.96 sbobet ; 1.98 bet365
stake: 6/10

FT 0-4 WIN Spain Segunda Spain Segunda  :-D
Metalurg have the weakest and the youngest side in league. They are struggling with huge financial problems, players without payments for more than five months, before new year 6 important players made a strike and didnt trained and didnt played one game and after that they were punished by federation with 4 months ban from football (and those 6 important players left Metalurg) so now they are even weaker. Today one important defender will miss due to suspension and few more young guys may be injured.

Shkendija is having one of best teams in league i dont want to repeat myself over and over again. Today coach said that he cna make some rotations but it will be better imo because the guys who are on bench are very quality players and now when they get chance they will be very hungry for good soccer and agressive fotball so i see here one easy win for Shkendija cuz they are better side, experience is on their side and they will have huge fan support (while Metalurg dont have fans).

only problem could be the pitch but imo Shkendija will win with minimum 2 goals

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