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Macedonia picks

Shkupi – Sileks under 2,25 @1.8 sbobet
stake: 4/10
FT 1-0 win Spain Segunda Spain Segunda  :-D

pitch in very bad condition, it was raining already 2-3 days without stopping and there is lot of water on field and imo there wont be good conditions this game to be played.

Shkupi is like u know very defensive side and they play dirty football with many tackles and always on low goals.
Sileks on away ground is same style, they dont push too much they wait their chances on counters and usually away games for them are low scoring vs teams like Shkupi where they know they can get some point, today with big absence because Mickov is unavailable and two more players doubtful.
i expect here 0-0 or minimal win for some of the sides.


Bregalnica – Turnovo under 2,5 @1.70 bet365
stake: 6/10

bregalnica -0,5 @2.09 sbobet ; 2.1 bet365
stake: 2/10

FT 2-0 win win everything win Spain Segunda Spain Segunda  :-DSpain Segunda Spain Segunda  :-D

bregalnica’s field is biggest waterlogged pitch for today in whole Macedonia, its raining in whole country already few days without stopping but definitelly on East part of country there is too much rain and pitch is in terrible condition, game will be played in Kochani again and me and my friends yesterday were on that stadium and it was terrible, it was raining whole night and today whole morning so its even more bad now. Maybe game wont be even played because of bad conditions.

Bregalnica for me is favourite here and should win this game, quality is on their side they bought very good players in winter transfer period and now with this roster they should avoid relegation easily imo. Good news is that Mitrev(Df 23/0) is back in team.

Turnovo still with problems on keeper’s position, first keeper Stoilkov got injury and now the other keeper is doing big mistakes in every game. Also few defenders will miss out again. Experience and quality on Brega’s side.


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Bregalnica – Shkendija , shkedija -1ah @1.60 bet365 ; 1.57 sbobet
stake: 7/10
ft 0-3 win Spain Segunda Spain Segunda  :-D;2;1.00;0

for me this is safe bet, fair line should be -1,75 @1.80

Bregalnica plays their games in Kochani not on their home field in their town. Bregalnica was very good on transfer market this winter they bring very good players and for sure wont have problems to avoid relegation but there are problems at the moment with defensive line cuz they dont have central defenders.
best defender D.Stojanov(df 13/3) and D.Mitrev(df 19/2) are injured, while another key defender Tonev(df 12/0) left club in winter. Also they have problems on keeper’s position now cuz first keeper Zahov left and now they dont have good replacement. (new signed gk is suspended by federation – Metalurg’s case). So today coach will have to use midiflers on central defenders positions and that is suicide vs Shkendija cuz they are having best attack in league!!!

Shkendija have to win this game very easily cuz they are in title fight and every game and every point is crucial. Quallity deep on their side I see easy victory for them here.

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Strong free pick

Metalurg – Renova 2 @2.5

Dnb2 @1.9
FT 1-0 BIG LOSE :-( [ renova got red card in 30min and that fucked us hard]
Metalurg will play kids!!!!! All players are gone. They lost 5 0 vs 2nd league side before fewdays.
Now vs 1st league solid team i expect another easy lose.


Macedonia Basket

Feni Industri – MZT Skopje , mzt -2,5 @1.85 bet365
stake: 4/10
FT 76-93 WIN easy Spain Segunda Spain Segunda  :-D

fair line imo -6,5 here minimum.
MZT have ultra strong squad for this league and reason why they play so weak is that coach usually is giving chances to reserves and bench players in league but today he told on press that key players will take more minutes it means big quallity difference.

Feni have just strong starting five, reserves are bad and that is big problem for them and here vs MZT they dont have chances imo, also dont forget that referees are always with MZT, only problem here could be home court where Feni usually have big support but today on working day wont be so many fans


Macedonia u19 cup

Academia Pandev u19 – Mladost Carev Dvor u19 1 @2.00 bet365
stake: 3/10 (low limits)
FT 7-0 win easy Spain Segunda Spain Segunda  :-D 

like first I must explain some things, many of Academia Pandev u19 boys play for Academia Pandev A team who is playing in 3rd league East and they are playing really great and will promote maybe in 2nd league next season, now for this cup match almost all u19 players who are in A team are moved and called for this cup match. So that will be big boost. Anyway Academy is big favourite but now with that help they are even bigger favourites.

Mladost u19 till last season didnt even had u19 team cuz they just before 3 years new owner entered in club and he invest money in brining new players etc and for 3 years he promoted team from 3rd to 1st league and now when team is in 1st league they are obligated to have u19 team and somehow they make that team but they are ultra weak…

i expect here easy win, fair odds 1.40 for home win.


free pick

Carev Dvor – Vardar , vardar -1,5 @1.99 188bet ; 1.9 sbo

stake: 6/10;2;1.50;0

strange odds movement in 188bet (-1,75h on Vardar odds from 1.75 went to 2.26).. Carev Dvor is maybe the only team in league who play for Vardar, all others play for Shkendija..

Carev Dvor got premiums from Vardar because Carev Dvor took a point from Shkendija. Relationships between Carev Dvor and Vardar are very nice and here I see one easy win for Vardar with at least 2 goals, but no more than 2 cuz i dont believe they will destroy their most close team in league.

Vardar is much much better and must win today cuz Shkendija have easy game and will win for sure so Vardar cant allow theirselfs to make mistake today.


Македонија Куп

Pelister – Vardar , vardar -0,75ah @1.75 bet365
stake: 6/10
FT 0-2 win Spain Segunda Spain Segunda  :-D

i just waited for confirmed line ups thats why pick just 15min before start.
Pelister will go with reserves here cuz they lost first leg badly and now they dont care.. big rivallry between teams and fans but this is on neutral field and no important match so Pelister dont care, for them more important is 2nd league where they fight for promotion..

Vardar just confirmed line ups; 90. Гачевски, 4. Мијушковиќ, 7. Љамчевски, 8. Спировски, 10. Дашјан, 11. Асани, 16. Глигоров, 17. Стојков, 21. Новак, 77. Брдаровски, 97. П. Петковски
i liked it, there are 4-5 natioanl team players, all of them solid players and should finish them easily with 3-4 goal difference if they want.  also if something goes wrong on bench they have Blazhevski(best scorer), Ivanovski(best striker), Glisic(good winger) etc so no problems at all

i expect here 0-3 or 0-4 easily :)

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Handball Macedonia

Metalurg 2 – HC Metalurg 
pick: Metalurg2 +12,5ah @1.85 bet365
stake: 3/10

this is team between senior team of Metalurg(who is playing in Champions League) and junior team of Metalurg(young boys born in 97′ and 96′)
if this is clear match without fixing this could be 20+ win for HC Metalurg but this will be just one friendly match between them.

Lino Cervar(coach of HC Metalurg) is always telling big stories in media that his young talents from Metalurg junior will become great players in future but none believe him in that because previous generation was very very bad and everyone criticized him… now imo he will want to prove them that his junior team (Metalurg 2) can play good handball vs team who is playing in Champions League (HC Metalurg) so this will be friendly win with only 5-6 goal difference i think.

also Lino decided to rest all best players like Mrackovic, Bozovic etc, few other regulars will be on bench.. on field will be young boys like Talevski, Velkovski etc.



MFL another pick

Rabotnicki – Metalurg , rabotnicki -1,25ah @2.02 bet365 ; 1.72 sbobet
stake: 4/10
FT 2 0 win Spain Segunda Spain Segunda  :-D

like i said i took 4/10 home win Rabotnicki on 1.50 odds when they were oppened and now i like this line too.

Rabotnicki must start winning after so terrible results. They have a team who should be in top 3 teams on table, they have strong experienced team with many great players, national team players! Experience and quallity is deep on their side here.

Metalurg with few absences and players tired cuz of cup game vs Shkendija.. they are no.1 candidate for relegation for me

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I am in village so i couldnt inform u on time for my bets in macedonian league

Shkupi – Shkendija , shkendija -1.5ah @1.6

Stake 6/10
FT 0 3 win Spain Segunda Spain Segunda  :-D 


Brother clubs.. shkupi is playing for shkendija in title race and they wont make problems to shke dina today for sure. Shkendija is 3 class better team than new promoted shkupi.



Another my bets are

Rabotnicmi home win @1.5 bet365 for 4/10 (FT 2-0 win Spain Segunda Spain Segunda  :-D )

And Carev Dvor x2 @1.8 bet365 for 2/10 (FT 1-1 win Spain Segunda Spain Segunda  :-D )


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