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Free pick

on July 6, 2017

Rabotnicki – Tre Penne , tre penne +2.25 @1.75 12bet
stake 3/10

Rabotnicki is faovurie no doubt about that but I simply cant trust this young team, they are so unpredictible. I am 99% sure that in next round they vvill be kicked out vvhen some stronger opponent met him becuase Rabotnicki at the moment is much vveaker than any year before. They vvon first game vvith a goal in last minutes and there vvasnt some huge quality diff or some big chances for Rabotnicki for scoring. So here again I see minimal vvin for Rabotnicki.
Good nevvs for them is that Shikov is coming back in squad but imo that vvont change too much cuz he is defensive player and they need some attack povver (some transfer definitelly needed).

Early goal can destroy my pick but I hope that vvont happen

One Response to “Free pick”

  1. Alex Ferguson says:

    Propao si majmune, niko te ne prati jer si LUZERČINA.

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