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on August 27, 2016

Pelister – Rabotnicki , pelister +1 @1.76 sbobet
stake: 7/10


why is Rabotnicki such a huge favourite here i cant understand really.
At the moment Shkendija and Vardar are dominating this league and fight for the 3rd place will be between Pelister and Rabotnicki, Pelister just come back from 2nd league but they have new sponsors (fixers but they are still peacefull for now, and afraid of Pelister fans who are crazy and wont let such thing in their club). Pelister brought very good signings and now they are main candidate (for me) for the 3rd place, they have two good brazilians, in midfield some good experienced players, in defence they signed Kovachev who is real boss there, now before few weeks they signed Aleksandar (made comeback after 2 yearS)
At the end Pelister is playing at home and stadium will be full so whenever they play at home vs whoever it is Pelister always go on points, they want win here, draw is not an option!

Rabotnicki like usual, selling their players after Euro competition… this season Rabotnicki is zero compared to last year but still they very easy schedule so they are on the top, now when real games come vs Shkendija,Vardar, Pelister, Sileks they will show real face… no real forward in team and many many youngsters, they have only 4-5 experienced players all other are very unexperienced (but talented) players…

maybe Pelister will lose here but for sure not with more than 1 goal dif. Huge bet for me, gl

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  1. denym says:

    Eazy one won :)

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