CheGuevara Picks

Macedonian pick

on May 28, 2017

Sileks – Shkupi , sileks +0.25 @1.74 sbo
stake 5/10

FT 1-0 win ✓ ✓

I cant see Sileks as outsider in this game, if this game was in middle of season odds here for Sileks win would be around 1.75 and now this 2.90 is simply crazy. Ok Shkupi must win but why would Sileks let them to win, no relationship, in fact Sileks dont like Shkupi at all because of some previous tensions and some political reasons…
Sileks play for nothing but that doesnt mean they wont fight here, Pobeda and Sileks have good relations so Sileks should play for Pobeda…

Shkupi is very poor team away from home and usually they just defend and waiting on counters, for this game they have two big blows, boss in defence Lazarevski(captain) and Iseni are both out due injuries.

Sileks have no important missings, playing at home in Kratovo where even best teams in league have hard battle to wwin points… Big value which must be taken

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