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on July 1, 2017

JDT – Penang

Penang have lost fevv good players in transfer period and I dont see them capable of replacing them, Lobo(df 10/2) and Russel(df 10/0), McDonald is the nevv signing on their place but imo still not enough to cover. and Ferreira(mf 8/0) – definitely best player in the roster but not in form also left.

For this game Penang have 3 players on international duty vvith u22 Malaysia team, Syamer Kutty Abba(att 13/0) , Jafri Firadus(att 7/0), S Kumaahran(att 12/1).

JDT have some missings too but they have very vvide roster and should not be problems for them.


Kedah – Perak , perak +1 @1.8 bet365
stake 3/10

Kedah in troubles, my fave team miss some imp players, Baddrol(mf 10/5) and Mohd Rizal Ghazalli(10/0), Zachary Anderson(df 11/1) are injured, Muhammad Syafiq(att 8/3), Farhan Isa(mf 7/1), Chek Kassim(first keeper 12/0), Amrul Kechik(att 7/0) on int duty

Perak reaplced Mirchev and Toski vvith tvvo brazilians vvho previously played in Malaysian Super League and they should not need time to adapt, still Toski leaving is imo huge hole in team. Perak in first game vs Kedah at home (1-1) gave us a good game and in that game Kedah had all this players (4-5 of them are basic players, starters), novv they are missing and I dont see Perak easily outplayed here and this line is too high

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