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No classic 3for3 but good relations/hating

on March 12, 2015

Standard Liege – Genk
Genk +0,5ah @1.91 sbobet , 1.89 pinnacle
stake: 3/10

new signed striker Ezekiel(att 5/2) is injured, Trebel(mf 21/0 suspended), Milec(mf 19/0 suspended) and Arslangic(df 22/2 suspended) are also out according to captain van Damme(df 21/3) is doubtfull. There are other injuries too [ Kawashima(gk 11/0), Lembi(mf 14/0) and Ono(mf 15/1) missed last match too and i dont know about their current situation ]

Genk miss top scorer Mboyo(att 19/8)

now most important is that this is last round of regular championship in Belgium before play offs. This is situation on table like u can see Genk still isnt sure in top 6 placed team (if they lose this match and Charleroi win Charleroi will be 6th placed and Genk go down). So Genk must take point here to be sure in next stage!
Standard is already quallified in next round and FANS WANT THEM TO LET GENK TO TAKE A POINT OR WIN HERE BECAUSE STANDARD FANS AND CHARLEROI FANS ARE HATING EACH OTHER, there is big rivallry between them and now Standard fans asked for players to let Genk to win here…

but even if Standard dont let them still Genk have enough good team to make something here and take 1 point.

4 Responses to “No classic 3for3 but good relations/hating”

  1. kevin says:

    forgot to tell that standard coach will fest some orher players aswell

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