CheGuevara Picks

Norvvay 2nd division

on June 10, 2017

Brumundall – Valerenga 2 ov 2.5 @1.75 bet365
stake 3/10
FT 2-1 win ✓ ✓

Valerenga is favourite here yes… brumundall have heavy absences for this game… out are; Brumunddal miss Eriksen(mf 10/1), Abdulahi(df 9/0), Sigtbaken(5/0), Ertsas(att 10/1), Andersen(mf 7/1), Helmersen(mf 7/1)

Valerenga is having some small help from A team, but also poor defence today. Ejuke(att 6/1), Agyiri(att 4/0), Ibrahim(att 12/3), Berntsen(mf 9/0) help from A team for Valerenga, very good attacking potential, bad thing is that in defence they are really poor, on goal is Klaesson(16y old, 1/0). One thing is sure goals for Valerenga are quaranteed here vvith such povverfull attacking line

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