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not 3for3 but soething like that!!

on March 13, 2015

Botev – CSKA 1 @2.60 wiliamhil , paddypower
stake: 3/10

this is the match of the week in Bulgaria, everyone is talking about this match. Why its so important? Just take a look at the table at the moment, its last round in Bulgaria before play offs and Botev is 6th placed and is in fight to keep that 6th place with Levski.

CSKA and Levski fans are hatting a lot each other, big rivallry. CSKA fans asked players to let Botev to win to see Levski in relegation play off, that is the dream to every CSKA fan today but will that happen?? we will find out later.
Also there are rumours that CSKA will let this match to Botev and Botev after that in Championship play offs will give back 6 points to CSKA!
also rumours say that CSKA fans will enter on stadium and postpone the match if their team take a lead!!!

its serious match and in Bulgaria everything is possible

One Response to “not 3for3 but soething like that!!”

  1. wojti says:

    rumors were true :D

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