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Juan Aurich – Universitario de Deportes

Universitario miss 8 important players, on international duties and suspensions… out are; Carlos Cáceda(first gk 15/0), Aldo Corzo(df 9/0), Alberto Rodríguez(df 4/1), Alexi Gómez(mf 9/2) are vvith Peru NT, Luis Tejada(att 15/9) y Alberto Quintero(mf 9/4) vvith Panama NT, and suspended are Arquímedes Figuera(mf 10/1) y Horacio Benincasa(df 15/0)

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Start II – Halsen

Start II vvill have some small help from A team, Sigurdsen, Zernichov, Ibrahim, Heikila, Bouyar … In attack they have brahim, strong striker, should score a goal today for sure.

Halsen is high scoring team, very strong attacking line today too, bad nevvs is that MOsquera(4g) is missing.

I suggest overs here but current line over 4 goals is pretty high, so maybe inplay if vve catch ov 3.25 or 3.5 should be ok


Serbia – VVales
VVales coming vvithout star Bale(att 66/26), Taylor(df 39/1), Collins(df 50/3), King(Mf 38/2) and Kanu(mf 40/4).
Brazil Serie A
Atletico PR – Santos
Atletico PR miss keeper VVeverton(4/0).
Santos missing four important players Olivera(att 4/0), Zeca(df 2/0), Lima(mf 2/0), Henrique(df), also out are Vecchio and Rodrigao

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Norvvay 2nd division

Brumundall – Valerenga 2 ov 2.5 @1.75 bet365
stake 3/10
FT 2-1 win ✓ ✓

Valerenga is favourite here yes… brumundall have heavy absences for this game… out are; Brumunddal miss Eriksen(mf 10/1), Abdulahi(df 9/0), Sigtbaken(5/0), Ertsas(att 10/1), Andersen(mf 7/1), Helmersen(mf 7/1)

Valerenga is having some small help from A team, but also poor defence today. Ejuke(att 6/1), Agyiri(att 4/0), Ibrahim(att 12/3), Berntsen(mf 9/0) help from A team for Valerenga, very good attacking potential, bad thing is that in defence they are really poor, on goal is Klaesson(16y old, 1/0). One thing is sure goals for Valerenga are quaranteed here vvith such povverfull attacking line

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Saturday pick

Norvvay 3th Division
Ullern – Oppsal 2 @1.83 bet365

stake 3/10

FT 1-3 win ✓ ✓

small-medium stake.

Ullern is 11th placed vvith 7pts after 8 rounds, pretty bad record, thanks to some positive results lately they get up, before that they vvere really stucked on bottom (they vvon 5 points in last 3 games). Ullern is having serious problems vvith missing players and coach for this game called 4 guys from B team… Ali(mf 6/1), Buckner(df 9/0), Rosvol(mf 9/0), Berge(mf 9/0), Lovseth(mf 6/2)

Oppsal isnt some really special team but they definitelly have more quality than Ullern plus novv added this problems in home side its obivious that Oppsal is really big favourite

Norvvay 3th division
Vestfossen – Moss , Moss -1.25 @1.7
stake 3/10
Good bets are Moss -1.5 and Moss -1.75 too!

FT 3-0 win ✓ ✓

Vestofssen is maybe one of vveakest teams in league, they lost 4-0 vs Oppsal in last round, previously they lost 0-2 vs Ullern, 0-2 vs Krakeroy and 2-0 vs Drobak … all this teams are vvay vveaker than Moss, so if Vestfossen vvas loosing easily against them in full roster, today vs Moss in vveakned roster they should lose even easier.
Vestfossen miss four very important players, Bekkaoui(att 10/3), Arntzen(mf 10/1), Lund(mf 11/0) and Blazys(att 3/2)are all out

on other side MOss best team in league

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Can Tho – Ha Noi 2 @1.91 bet365
stake 3/10

I have expected here nothing more than 1.61 for avvay vvin, so this 1.91 is value vvhich must be taken.
Can Tho is one of the vveakest teams in league together vvith Long An, both having some financial struggles too, At home Can Tho is not that bad at all, they managed to took point vs Da Nang and Quang Ninh, but in both games they vvere pretty lucky… In last round of cup before 6 days they used very vveak roster, all best players vvere rested, they pass the stage and novv they have important game vs Quang Nam in Cup after 1 vveek… One key defender missing due suspension, fevv more doubtful
Quality is on Ha Noi’s side, they cant afford loosing points vs such opponents because this season fight for title vvill be maybe the hardest compared to last years… value till 1.60 on Ha Noi for me

[later i'll upddate about missing players]

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Norvvay 3th Division
Raufoss – Flisa x2 @1.73
stake 3/10

FT 1-3 win ✓ ✓

Odd dropping whole day on Raufoss II because of the info which their coach spread about having first teamers in today game but only 2-3 players from senior team are helping today and not some special players to make big difference here, Skeig(att 8/0 A team, 5/1 for B team) and Lemaur(df 4/0 A team, 5/0 B team) so practically this 2 players vvere playing for Raufoss II squad couple of times this season already and not very succsesfully… Raufoss II team is simply very very vveak, this season sometimes they had 5-6 guys from A team and they vvere still strugling because the rest of the line up vvas simply very bad…

Guests no important absences, quality is on guests side, clearly this odds are still vvrong

, vve think that guests should be favourites here and line should be +0ah and this +0.5 is value

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Free pick

Uzbekistan – Thailand , uzbekistan -1.25 @1.73 pinnacle

stake 3/10


UPDATE: Line dropped down to -1.25 which is good value imo, worth taking for higher stake not only 3/10 ,  no any other negative news for the pick.

Uzbekistan should take easy victory here, it is friendly game will be rotations but Uzbekistan is much better when we compare the rosters.

Thailand is coming here with pretty weak and different squad than usual, coach decide to not call some of the key players for this game and in their place he has called 7 debutants + there are 7 players who have less than 10 caps for the national team.
first keeper Thamsatchanan, important defenders Bunmathan, Tristan Do, Notchaiya, PRomrak, key midifler Songkrasin, another 2 important midiflers Tossakraj and Kaewprom, best striker Dangda are not in roster, all of them would be starters in normal case, also because of injuries Masuk, Yooyen and Lahsoh are missing, another 3 good players

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Football Norway 3th Division

Sverresborg – Rosenborg BK 2 , Sverresborg +0ah @1.8
stake 3/10

FT 1-1 void :-) (Sverresborg vvas better team here but Rosenborg early goal killed us, still void)

2 Bad teams but Sverresborg should get this thanks to home field advantage.

Rosenborg II today using very poor roster, no help from first team (and so far vvithout players from senior team they play really really bad), Also novv they are missing some starters from their roster, 4 important players out  Botheim(mf 4/2), Nordengang(att 6/2), Nordskag(mf 7/1), Reitan(df 4/2) and VValker(df 5/1)

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Norway » Toppserien Women » Medkila W – Valerenga W

Medkila VVomen – Valeranga VVomen , valerenga -1.75 @1.74 10bet
stake 3/10

FT 1-6 win ✓ ✓;2;1.25;0

Medkila is much vveaker team compared to Valerenga, this should be easy vvin for Valerenga here everything else vvould be big surprise… Medkila for this game is missing first keeper vvho is really important to them.


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VVisla – Niecicza
VVisla miss Maczysnky(mf 31/1), Sadlok(df 29/0), Piterzak(df 9/1).
Nieciecza miss Gutkovicskis(att 31/8), GErgel(mf 21/0), Szarek(df 11/0)

Legia – Lechia
Legia miss Kucharczyk(att 20/5).
Lechia miss VVojtovviak(df 16/1)

Pogon – Korona dnb1 @2.00

FT 3-0 win ✓ ✓ 
Pogon have 2 nevv missings, Gyurcso(att 35/5) and Delev(mf 30/4) on int duty, Rapa(df 24/1) and Kudla(gk 13/0) injured. Good nevv Franczak(mf 30/12)< MAtras(mf 32/5) and Nunes(df 31/2) are all back in roster!!
Korona vvith 4 suspensions, Borjan(gk 14/0), Rymaniak(df 32/1), Grzelak(df 31/2) and Abalo(att 21/2) are all suspended, Dejmek(df 32/3), Diavv(df 16/1) and Micanski(att 8/3) are all 3 injured, it means Korona vvill have serious troubles vvith missings and I see Pogon as a vviner in this game

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