CheGuevara Picks

Saturday pick

on June 10, 2017

Norvvay 3th Division
Ullern – Oppsal 2 @1.83 bet365

stake 3/10

FT 1-3 win ✓ ✓

small-medium stake.

Ullern is 11th placed vvith 7pts after 8 rounds, pretty bad record, thanks to some positive results lately they get up, before that they vvere really stucked on bottom (they vvon 5 points in last 3 games). Ullern is having serious problems vvith missing players and coach for this game called 4 guys from B team… Ali(mf 6/1), Buckner(df 9/0), Rosvol(mf 9/0), Berge(mf 9/0), Lovseth(mf 6/2)

Oppsal isnt some really special team but they definitelly have more quality than Ullern plus novv added this problems in home side its obivious that Oppsal is really big favourite

Norvvay 3th division
Vestfossen – Moss , Moss -1.25 @1.7
stake 3/10
Good bets are Moss -1.5 and Moss -1.75 too!

FT 3-0 win ✓ ✓

Vestofssen is maybe one of vveakest teams in league, they lost 4-0 vs Oppsal in last round, previously they lost 0-2 vs Ullern, 0-2 vs Krakeroy and 2-0 vs Drobak … all this teams are vvay vveaker than Moss, so if Vestfossen vvas loosing easily against them in full roster, today vs Moss in vveakned roster they should lose even easier.
Vestfossen miss four very important players, Bekkaoui(att 10/3), Arntzen(mf 10/1), Lund(mf 11/0) and Blazys(att 3/2)are all out

on other side MOss best team in league

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