CheGuevara Picks


on October 22, 2016

Backa – Radnik , radnik +0,75 @1.88 sbobet
stake: 3/10

i cant see Backa as such a huge favourite here, team which score small number of goals and wins the game on some crazy ways, true at home they are playing slight better but still Backa is 2nd league material for me. Added to that they miss key midifler Bjelos(mf 10/0) with a suspension, also Cekovic(mf 10/0) is injured, two important absences on this small roster can hurt a lot.

Radnik is poor team too, i dont like them, but for sure they are better team than Backa, maybe they will lose today but even if they lose that wont be with more than 1 goal diff imo so this bet is pretty safe.


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