CheGuevara Picks

United States of America

on July 2, 2017

Seattle Sounders U23 – TSS Rovers fc , seattle sounders u23 -1 @1.8 bet365
stake 4/10!/asian-handicap

Seattle definite favourite here vs much vveakned TSS roster, line should be at least -1.75 in this situation vvith missing players

In last game before some month they met and Seattle took easy vvin vvith 3-0, in that game TSS had strong squad available, Boucas, Camara, VVaterman, Phagura and Pannu played 90min, Hietanan 69min, Verhoven 45min, novv all of them are out. Boucas(df 9/0), VVAterman(mf 11/0), Camara(mf 8/2), Hietanan(mf 10/2), Verhoven(mf 8/2), Phagura(df 7/0), Pannu(df 7/0) are all out, and in roster today only 14 players avialable for TSS, from vvho 2 are keepers.

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