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on July 2, 2017

Binh Duong – Da Nang , da nang -0.25 @1.75 sbo bet365, 1.71 188bet

stake 4/10

Xuan Luan(Df 15/0), Van Ha(df 15/0), Tan Tai(mf 13/0), Michael(df 11/0), Xuan Thanh(df 11/0) and first keeper Tan Truong(14/0) are all not in team, big troubles for Binh Duog

Da Nang vvith Merlo in line up already shovved in previous game hovv different they look, they are really strong novv, nevv signing Kurtaj in line up too, too strong Da Nang team for Binh Duong imo, gl


Ha Noi – Sanna Khanh Hoa

Sanna Khanh Hoa is one of teams who totally dont please me and I dont like them. For today game couple of absences. Dinh Khuong(mf 15/0), Tan Dien(df 14/1), VAn Vu(df 13/0) and on bench Nhat Nam(mf 14/0)

Ha Noi one of best teams in league, today missing their alfa&omega Samson, but Arnoud Louis is startig so should not be problems, all other players are available.


Quang Ninh – Long An

Long An very poor defensive line, Hoang Lam(df 10/1), Tan Tai(mf 13/0), and Nam Anh(df 14/0) on bench, all three important players, Van Nam(df 13/0), Quy Su(mf 8/0), Quang Thanh(df 6/0), Thanh Cuong(df 6/0), and Phuong Tam(mf 9/2) all out, but good news is that in attack they have Eydinson and wander, so I expect goals in this game.


Quang Nam – Sai Gon

Dinh Trong(mf 14/0), Quoc Long(df 11/1), XUan Dong(mf 13/3) and Van Ngo(df 8/1) missing for Sai Gon

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